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Sony Alpha 9-brand-new full-frame mirrorless digital camera

Sony has lately introduced a brand-new full-frame mirrorless digital camera,with the
world’s 1st full-frame stacked backside illuminated,24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor.sonya

The Sony Alpha 9 houses a new technology Bionz X processor and offers the efficiency of
shooting at up to TWENTY frames per second with no blackout. We had a limited hands-on shooting
period with the new camera and were really pleased by its speed and capability to focus
rapidly- we were able to capture and freeze out action with quite little work and the results
we got were excellent. We found that having no blackout in the view finder while shooting was
truly helpful, and suggested that we did not miss even a second of the actions.
Sony looks like to have positioned quite a lot of emphasis on the focusing abilities of the
model A9. There is a multi-selector joystick on the back of the camera,helping to make it much easier,to easily
switch focus within the frame by pressing it up, down, left or right when shooting
in Zone, Flexible Spot or Expanded Flexible Spot focus area modes; while touch focusing
on the rear LCD screen allows selection of a appropriate focus position.

The ISO variety on offer is 100-51200, which is expandable to 50-204800. We experimented with the
camera in a controlled lighting style conditions,so it will be exciting to analyze it in low and
changeable light to uncover out how it copes.Sony A
The Sony A9 contains independent drive mode and focus mode dials – a first for Sony E-mount
cameras – and an AF-ON button that can be pressed to switch on auto-focus when capturing
still photos or videos. In hand, the camera felt very user-friendly and the control keys and dials were
well laid out.
The Sony Alpha 9 will be on the market from June 2017,priced at around 5.700 USD.

Photo:imaging resource

MSI GP62 7RD Leopard with i7 Kaby Lake CPU-Gaming monster laptop

Not too long ago,MSI announces its brand new range of gaming laptop supported by 7th-gen Intel Kaby Lake processor chip. These gaming laptops are created for serious gamers,hungry for highly effective graphics processing.Now,we will talk about MSI GP62 7RD Leopard which we analyzed lately.
Build and style:It’s a gaming laptop, so you can’t think of slim profile. MSI GP62 7RD Leopard has a heavy design and
carries 2.2kg weight.It may feel heavy,but it’s really not that much,one can carry along easily.The 15.6-inch machine is created attractively and it’s pretty slick.The brushed aluminum chassis gives it eye-catching looks.
The laptop comes with a quality keyboard having all the keys that you can think of.The keyboard is designed keeping
needs of pro gamers in the mind.The control keys can be used very easily even in night or dark room as it has
SteelSeries single color backlighting keyboard.msi gp rd

The display and sound: MSI GP62 7RD LEOPARD has an IPS level display with a greater gamut of 72% NTSC color range.It creates rich colors and has the great amount of brightness levels.We loved playing dark concept games on it as well as
the black is deep delivering awesome image clarity. The vivid 1920×1080 resolution display screen is among the finest displays we have used in gaming laptops with wide viewing angle.

The gaming monster is supported by 2.8 GHz i7 Kaby Lake CPU and GeForce GTX 10-Series GPU mixed with 16 GB
DDR4 RAM.The combination makes the laptop a real monster to deal with almost every type of game as the newest generation of GeForce GPU has enhanced 3D performance.Included with Cooler Boost 4 cooling option,the laptop offers sleek gaming experience.

While working with the laptop,we got about more than five hours of battery backup with average usage.But when we played a few more demanding games,it lasted for about three hours.In our test,the battery was able to play video for about 3 hours and 33 minutes over Wi-Fi with full brightness and volume level.

Specifications: 2.8 GHz 7th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor, Windows 10 OS, 15.6” FHD (1920×1080) screen, Intel HM175 Graphics, GeForce GTX 1050 with 2GB GDDR5 GPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, HD (30fps@720p) Webcam, Backlight Keyboard, 6-Cell Battery, 128 GB SSD + 1 TB SATA 7200rpm HDD
Advantages: Build top quality,gaming performance,cooling solution,keyboard
Disadvantages:Weak battery life.


Meaning of different kinds of file formats-easy guide

You can make all types of different files on your PC; each kind of software program you use gives different types of file formats. For illustration,a word processing app will allow you to create document formats,while a graphics program creates graphic file formats.A file format is how information is encoded and stored to the file. The file format can determine what type of programs can read the file; for example,a photo application may not be able to read a document file format, but can
read other kinds of digital image formats.file formats

File Extensions
When you create data files,you must give them specific names; a default file format is also assigned. Some programs allow you to assign some other,related file formats.File formats show up as extensions added on to the file name preceded by a dot,such as document.doc.Normally,you simply cannot see a file extension
unless you choose to view it.If you ever experience
a problem opening a file, it may help to view the extension to see what sort of format the file is.

System and Program Files
You can identify program files by their .exe extensions, which usually means
executable.When viewing Windows system files, you rapidly find a variety of file types relevant to different parts of the operating system, such as DRV for gadget driver or DLL for dynamic link library.
Other than recognizing these as significant parts of Windows,there is
no reason to try and open these file types other than the EXE format.
If you open an EXE file, you are launching a program.

Document File Types
You can develop document files in word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word or WordPadt and Corel Write,
only to name a several.The DOC format is one of the most well-known file formats for files you create with a word processor application. Other document formats contain TXT,RTF, and ODT. Adobe’s PDF format is another
substitute to other document kinds,and can be read by a PDF reader that you can get free online.

Graphics Formats
Graphics and drawing programs,like Windows Paint or Adobe Illustrator are used to create, edit, and
manage graphics files. Graphics can contain clip art,web graphics,logos,backgrounds,
illustrations,and various other digital art work.
Well-known graphic file formats include GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG.Every program may also utilize its own
particular format, such as AI for Adobe Illustrator.Assign a typical format, such as PNG,if you want to share
the file with non-Adobe Illustrator users.

Photo File Formats
If you have a digital camera,you can take photos and save them on your laptop,sharing them with
others via e-mail or social sites, or saving them to flash drives and other backup media
units.Photo file formats are the identical as graphics file formats: GIF, TIFF, PNG, and JPEG. Digital
cameras also offer the RAW format,which generates photos with smaller file dimensions than the some other formats.

Multi-media Formats
Music,movies and video files are simple to recognize with their file extensions.Music files
use formats such as MP3, WMA, or WAV. Music files can also utilize AIFF or AU formats.
Video data files include the AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV,or MOV formats. Movies you make with
Flash,for example,can use the SWF format.When you start a multimedia file, Windows automatically
attempts to open the recommended application to play the file.

Some other File Formats
As you view and set up files on your personal computer,you are bound to encounter a lot of other file
formats.For instance,Excel’s XLS spreadsheet format or PowerPoint’s PPT for presentations are
usual in the Microsoft Office suite of programs.If you are developing web pages, the HTML and XHTML
formats are used. Compressed files are usually saved in the Zip file format.Just keep in mind,the type of format
generally dictates what software is used to read the data file.

Big decision-Auto leasing-advantages and disadvantages

If you have a special car that you like but do not want to go thru the trouble of getting an auto loan and paying back it, you need to think about auto leasing.When leasing a car or truck you are paying cash to use it for a restricted lease time period and one it is finished you will generally have the solution to upgrade. The process of auto leasing is very similar to renting an house.As with leasing whatever,there are advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider just before making the final judgement.

Advantages of auto leasing

Saves money-this is a huge advantage of auto leasing as it costs less.When you lease a vehicle,you sign a lease agreement that states the length of the lease and the sum paid every month.The amount to be paid each month is the predetermined value of the devaluation of the car during its usage. The payment as well includes interest. When analysing the monthly lease payment to an auto loan monthly payment,the lease sum is less.If you are low on money then leasing is the best option.
Tax benefits-when you lease a car you do not have to pay in advance any sales tax on the lease amount. The sales tax is included in the month-to-month transaction.
Minimal maintenance-if you lease a car whose warranty is still current you will not have to spend any money at all on pricey repairs.
Wide variety-with a lease agreement of short duration, which is usually two to three years, you can return the car and lease another one.This method you can drive a variety of brand new or older model leasing

Disadvantages of auto leasing

Restricted usage-most of the auto leasing legal agreements comes with conditions.They can restrict the number of miles that the car can be driven in a year,so if you use more miles that allowed you may have to pay extra fees. With a limited range of miles per 12 months,this could possibly limit where you can go on vacation or if you can even take any spontaneous weekend break trips.

Eligibility requirements are bigger-it can be very complicated to lease a car if you have bad credit rating.Before leasing a car to anyone, they usually consider the credit history,because the car leasing company does not want any problems in monthly payments.
Quick end of contract can be expensive-it is not simple to get out of a lease agreement early. If the leased vehicle is stolen,or you want to stop the lease, you may have to pay the rest of the lease.When totaled or stolen it the amount owed could be too much that your insurance policy will not cover it.

Simply the best “selfie phone” right now-Amazing Oppo A57

Chinese smart phone manufacturers have taken over all but the very high end of the smartphone industry in 2017.They have done this by taking advantage of nearly every single niche and by making mobile phones that are just all around good devices that are also great price.The A57 from one of China’s biggest smartphone brands, Oppo, is the best example of both of these tendencies.The Oppo A57 is a superbly made smartphone with a design that is quite evidently inspired by the iPhone 6 and 7. It is an all-metal bodied smartphone with a screen to body proportion that is even better than the Apple units that have inspired it.oppoa compressor

The Oppo A57 also has definitely great build level of quality that makes it lovely to hold in the hand.Sadly,the slick finish and the curved design of the smartphone means that most of these phones are going to be used in designer cases for the Oppo A57. The phone has a highly effective processor with eight cores,which should keep you going quite effectively and have plenty of power for even the most demanding Android video game titles.

Superb front camera

So what is the specific niche market that Oppo is trying to serve to with the A57,everyone ask? The answer is placed in the camera. Not in the 13 megapixel device that lies at the back of the phone.However,since we are talking about the rear camera of the A57, let’s simply give Oppo some congrats for that simple fact that the rear of the phone is absolutely smooth, with no camera obstruct. What this implies is that you will not have to resort to Oppo A57 cases and masks to get a smartphone that you can rest flat on a desk. However,it is the front camera of the A57 that is the spotlight of the unit. The selfie camera,like Oppo calls it, is an incredible 16 megapixels! That’s correct,the front facing camera on the A57 in fact,has a higher pixel count than the rear facing unit on the smartphone.oppo a

There is no question who the Oppo A57 is focused at then,its persons who take a lot of selfie pics or shoot selfie video clips of themselves.If you’re just one of these consumers,the A57 is the phone for you.In a marketplace where a lot of manufacturers are continue to putting 2 megapixel front facing cameras on cell phones that cost more than the A57, the 16 megapixel shooter is incredible.For the value that the you can buy the Oppo A57,the mobile phone is the ideal solution for the selfie-passionate.

Rear Sensor13-megapixel
Front Sensor16-megapixel
FlashLED Flash
ApertureRear: f/2.2
Front: f/2.0
Size5.2 inches
ResolutionHD (1280 by 720 pixels)
Colors16 million colors
TouchscreenMulti-touch, Capacitive Screen, Gorilla Glass 4
Support for Gloved and Wet Touch Input



5 useful Tips for best budget web hosting options

In case you were considering of trying your hands at blogging to try to create
an e-based income you will need to acquire budget web hosting solutions first in order to do so.With
no a budget web hosting account and a domain name for your blog website you may find yourself over
budget and unable to easily afford your web hosting service fees.One should certainly
take the time to educate themselves on the huge variety of web hosting options and what they could be
missing out on by getting a more reasonably priced web host.

The more expensive and service packed web hosting available to you today is well-known as
dedicated website hosting.This is a very high priced hosting option generally used by large e-commerce websites.This is due to the security supplied by renting your own personal server.
With monthly fees as high as $150 this is absolutely not a low cost or budget hosting option for
those of us looking to save a little cash on hosting.web hosting

The following website hosting service down the line can be regarded as budget hosting.This depends
straight on your overall budget although.This type of hosting option is known as VPS
-virtual private server hosting and is so known as because it is a shared partitioned server which
makes a virtual private space for your website. And while you may not have the whole server to yourself it will still
offer you the same basic functions as a dedicated hosting package without the budget wrecking monthly costs.

The ideal thing about a VPS hosting plan is the similarities to dedicated hosting with budget hosting
plans starting at less than $10 a month.As your website or blog grows in popularity and traffic you can expand VPS
services to as high as $100 a month to help accommodate this new development.This is how VPS hosting can allow
you to reduce your overhead while expanding your income margins and hosting account

And last but not very least,we find ourselves exploring toward the cheapest available hosting
option you can get today.This is the budget hosting solution used by most bloggers
these days. It is known as shared website hosting and is so called due to the simple fact that your website shares
a server with multiple other websites being hosted on the same server.You may however find it is much less
safe and has a greater chance of downtime than dedicated or VPS hosting really does.While a lot of
argue that shared web hosting is much less secure, it is simply a more very affordable hosting
solution for your budget to bare.

You can find these shared web hosting options for as little as $3-$20 a month in numerous cases.This
is dependent completely on the level of service you choose from the website hosting company you decide
upon. The higher cost shared hosting packages do offer you an increased level of safety and the ability to host
more domain names to start.

And if you just like many of us these days are on a budget, you want to be sure your website hosting
solutions are the best they can be for the price you can afford. Listed below are 5 useful tips to help
guide you through the process of acquiring the best budget hosting for your blog or e-commerce site.
As a blogger your success is based mostly on a budget web host with reliable services,and a low overhead is a
good business strategy for any kind of online business.

The Top 5 Tips for Finding Budget Hosting Offers

1. Try to make and stay to an attainable budget

The most crucial thing to account for is the amount you can afford to dedicate to your monthly hosting budget.
Keep in mind that you will have to spend around $12 for your domain name for the first 12 months and may even
need to invest a little on some design and development tools for your web site.And be very sure of
what you think you can part with monthly for your hosting plan before you go any further more.

2. Find a top rated hosting company’s comparison list for research material

There is certainly no lacking of websites dedicated to showcasing the top ten web hosting companies
in their viewpoint.These types of websites can be a useful resource in your search for budget
hosting options for your website.The very best hosting firms are often the most
capable of rendering high quality services with a minimal influence on your budget.And though it may be a
inexpensive hosting service it will still be a viable and trustworthy solution for your site.

3. Narrow the range of your research through review websites

Different web hosting reviews are commonly found on the exact same websites as top TEN
hosting comparison sites.Top ten hosting reviews can make all the difference in your search for hosting
options for your site.You should take the time to read numerous reviews to become more
familiar with what is offered in the different kinds of hosting offer the end customer.These are a few of
the more respected and reputable hosting reviews today: GreenGeeks hosting review,iPage review,
BlueHost review etc.

4. Put the user support to the experiment

Client support should be |quick,reliable and readily accessible.These are all the
hallmarks of a reliable web host with top quality web servers. The assistance test should also be
reserved for the few firms you find to be the most appealing and affordable. This will assist you in deciding which
hosting company offers the best budget hosting for your specific desires and requirements.

5. A part by part assessment tells it all

Right after assuring the support satisfies your quality requirements you may only be left with one or two
companies to choose from. And now that you have all of the fees, web reviews, benefits and
options in one place you can compare all of them side by side.

The Last Procedure To Budget Hosting

If in fact you are dead set on blogging and want to be sure you have a solid business basic foundation then
it is suggested you acquire a VPS hosting package from the start.You can start out with the
lower cost, $10 a month budget hosting package and grow your hosting plan as your website or blog grows in
reputation.This is one of the very best choices for those of us who wish for or expect fast
growth and want to be capable to maintain our site through it all.

Finally,if you feel you will not outgrow your shared hosting account then you may do just okay with a
shared hosting account.You will want to be positive however, that the shared hosting plan you choose allows you to
host unlimited domain names as well as a little more protection than the rest of the web hosts out there.

While looking for the perfect hosting options for your budget may not be easy,it will
certainly be worth the time you spent exploring.And to insure your good results,be
sure to avoid the entanglements seen in the world of free web hosting and get the solutions your budget can
afford.So be absolutely sure to use these tips and guidelines when you seek out budget hosting options
for your site.

How to choose and buy a good Wi-Fi router ?

This is some kind of guide or review,when you decide to buy a new Wi-Fi router

Just before you even begin to get worried about the price and what all the vocabulary usually means,the very first question you need to ask is; do you need this new wi-fi router at all? If you just have one personal computer that you want to connect to the net, and you usually use it in the same room in your home,don’t forget that you may just connect through a cable.

Wi-Fi routers can vary substantially selling price,so don’t get “forced”
by a salesman and end up buying one thing that you don’t actually need. Work out what it is you will be using your net connection for before you get started searching around.If you are only going to be exploring the internet a very few times a day and reading your e-mails,you will simply need a very simple model. On the other hand,if you have one person in the house who loves to watch movies, another who will want to play online games, and you will still want to be able to read your e-mails,you would definitely need a more expensive unit to deal with all that traffic.Wi Fi router   th

Router speed ratings are something that you need to think about. The speed of a wi-fi router is presented in megabits per second (Mbps).To give you an idea of what that suggests;earlier models were in the region of 11Mbps, a mid-range model would be in the range of 200 Mbps to 600 Mbps, and a top notch of the range item would provide a speed of more than 1,000Mbps. Generally,there is no need to buy the top all-in-one wireless router you can find if your net usage is going to be rare.

If you wish to receive a wireless signal anywhere in the home,then the range will probably be something that you must check.Be informed,although, that the range described in the manufacturers specs will be the max possible range, and there are a lot of factors that can interrupt or weaken a wireless signal.

If you are wanting at budget wireless routers for less than $200, then make absolutely sure that you check what type of warranty is offered with the device. If a supplier is not ready to support its products with a good warranty,it may be an indication that the quality of the product is certainly not as fine as it need to be.

Read some reviews about Wi-Fi routers

One of the ways to explore if what you are buying is seriously as good as the manufacturer claims it to be, is to read consumer reviews.Even though some reviews may not be real, you can still generally spot the trend in reviews and work out of the product is really worth including to your small list of wi-fi routers.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Laptop Slots and Ports

You may use the many slots and ports built into your laptop computer to connect peripheral devices to it,such as a printer,a mouse, a keyboard,an extra monitor, headphones, a microphone, a digital
camera, and much more. Most of these slots and ports are positioned on the sides or back of the laptop. In
addition to using the slots and ports built into your laptop to connect peripheral devices, you can
also connect these devices to ports and slots in a docking station. You can after that plug your laptop
straight into the docking station to easy access the peripheral devices.slots laptop port   Copy

Memory Card Reader
A memory card is a little,removable digital storage device used in lots of electronic gadgets such as digital
cameras, MP3 players, and so on. Many laptops feature memory card readers -small slots into which you can place a
memory card. You can then check out the contents of the memory card,and also
use the memory card as an external storage device to save files on your laptop.

USB Port
You can work with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to connect a wide variety of devices,
from a flash drive for data storage to a inkjet printer or digital camera.Devices that
can be connected via USB are usually Plug and Play – that is, you need certainly not
restart your pc to use them after connecting them through a USB cable.And
Windows can quickly install many USB devices when you connect them,requiring no extra input from you.

Monitor Port
Some laptop computers can include a monitor port.If you want to connect an external
monitor to your laptop – for instance, to show a presentation on a larger display screen or
if you use a dual-monitor system in your workflow – you can connect a regular
monitor cable into the laptop’s monitor port.

Ethernet Jack
You use an Ethernet jack to connect your personal computer to a router that controls your local area network
(LAN) via a coaxial or fiber-optic cable.You
can also use an Ethernet jack to establish a high-speed connection to the Internet. You just plug
the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack on your laptop, and then connect the other end of the cable
to a high-speed modem.

Headphone and Microphone Jacks
If you want to use headphones to listen to music from your laptop, you plug them into the
headphone jack.On the other hand, you can use this jack to plug in laptop speakers.You use the
microphone jack to plug in a mic.You might use a microphone, for illustration,to
communicate with other people using a video chat app.

PC Card Slot
The PC card, also known as the PCMCIA card (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association),
was actually another type of storage card but ultimately expanded to house other devices such as
network cards and modems.A lot of laptops include slots for PC cards.

Modem Jack
Despite the fact that most people use an Ethernet cable or a wi-fi signal to access the Net,there may be
occasions when you must use a telephone line. In the situation you are required to use a phone line to dial up your
Internet connection, you can plug a phone cable into the modem jack to pick up a signal.

The Unconventional Guide to Laptop Batteries

Laptop computers have to carry their power supply with them,when you take them on the way.They do this in the form of batteries that generally plug into the bottom part of the laptop.Laptop batteries
are available in many types,based upon on the notebook manufacturer. The period you can run your laptop
on a charged battery is known as the battery life, and this differs from laptop to laptop. You have to charge
your laptop battery on a regular basis.laptop battery life

Battery Life
Batteries deliver a certain amount of hours of battery life,or working time.The
standard laptop battery offers anywhere from two hours to four hours of battery life. The
life of the battery is impacted by whether the laptop computer is being used or is on standby
mode, and by the size of the laptop monitor, with big displays draining power
more rapidly than smaller ones.

Types of Batteries
There are numerous types of laptop batteries,with the most well known type being the
lithium ion (Li-ion). Li-ion batteries hold a charge longer than earlier types such as
nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). Some laptops also feature secondary alkaline batteries to power
internal clocks or keep the laptop working while the primary battery is changed.For most effective performance, Li-ion batteries are the standard now.

AC Power
If you use your laptop at home or workplace rather than on the road, you can plug it
into an electrical outlet and run the pc off electricity all the time.However, laptops used for more than a few
hours this way can become overly warm,which can badly damage or interfere
with your computer’s “health and fitness”.To prevent
this,invest in a specially made laptop pad to help disperse undesired temperature.

Moto G5-metal body,rapid charging,fingerprint sensor…

High quality for all’ is Lenovo’s brand-new motto for its G5 phones, the Moto G5 and G5 Plus, which aim to
give the build good quality and feel of a flagship unit at highly non-flagship price ranges.That’s particularly true of
the G5, which offers you a metal body,quick charging, and fingerprint sensor handles – all at a sub-£200 price tag.
Design and style is just where the Moto G5 has seen the most significant overhaul
from its predecessor. The mobile phone features an aluminium
body – instead of the G4’s plastic material – which signifies it
immediately feels like a much more expensive mobile phone than it is.
The 5in screen stretches most of the way to the edges of
the body, even though there’s still a lot of bezel at the top and bottom .mobileMoto G

Providing that sort of style and build quality at less than £200 comes at a price, of course,and the Moto G5’s
internal specs are where it lives down to its selling price.
It’s run by a Snapdragon 430 with a 1.4GHz eight-core CPU and 450MHz Adreno 505 GPU.Our review unit
arrived with 3GB RAM,although you can also get it with 2GB.
With just a £10 price difference, we’d discover it hard not to highly recommend opting for the higher-spec version.
All of us were stunned to see a little worse ratings than from
2016’s G4, likely simply because it runs the more recent – but less powerful – Snapdragon 430, compared to the G4’s
Snapdragon 617. Even a much better GPU and more RAM weren’t enough to make up for the CPU gap.
However, in day-to-day use the G5 does not feel slow,and it should be more than enough for average usage,
such as streaming video and light-weight gaming. The G5 never feels like it’s under performing.
The 5in display is full 1080p and 441ppi, with clean,bright colours,even though it has no Gorilla Glass protection.
Below that you’ll find the finger-print sensor, which doubles up as a substitute for Android’s on-screen
buttons,through some clever swipe controls.

There is a 2,800mAh battery, which should deliver a full day’s use fairly comfortably.The most we managed
to wear it down to was 20% after 16 hours of usage, including quite a few heavy camera and internet
use – you can trust the G5 to last the day time, but you will
want to charge it every night.
The item comes packaged with a 10W Micro-USB rapid
battery charger, which is capable to provide a couple of hours of battery
life after just 15 mins or so of charging – as long as the
battery is low to begin with. It also supports Turbo-Power
charging, which can provide 6 hours of battery in the same
time, though you’ll have to purchase the charger separately.
There is as well 2.4- and 5GHz Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.2 and a water-repellent covering. One huge omission is NFC,
so you will not be able to use Android Pay or its variation.
You do get a 3.5mm headphone jack port.
The Moto G5 arrives loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat,and runs a
version that’s close to stock options, with a couple of Moto experiences
added on .What this usually means is that if you’re looking for something not far from the real
Android experience, but don’t want to splash out on the Google Pixel, the Moto G5 could be a great option.
It’s also one of the first mobile phones included in the search giant’s fresh expansion of its Google Assistant services,
in the past limited to only a handful of models,though it wasn’t on the G5 at launch. Eventually, you can probably
expect the new AI helper to be all-pervasive across Android, but for now this will be one of the most affordable
ways to get your hands on it.

Moto G5 Specifications:
5.85in (1080×920, 441ppi) touchscreen
Android 7.0 Nougat
1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core chip
Adreno 505 graphics
2- or 3GB RAM
16GB storage
13Mp main camera, lED flash, support for 1080p
video at 30fps
5Mp front camera
802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4- and 5GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2
4G lTE
2,800mAh removable battery
Micro-USB rapid charging
MicroSD support up to 128GB
Water-repellent nano-coating

There is tough competition in Android’s mid-range market place,but the Moto G5 is a powerful contender.The build quality
alone feels like it belongs on a much more costly mobile phone, while the fingerprint gesture controls genuinely
enhance the Android experience. The benchmarks and battery hold it back, but they are not unreasonable given
the price – and you will not find a much better-looking phone at £169. You might possibly would like to spend the extra
to get the Moto G5 Plus with more storage space,a better camera and even more.

photo:moto g