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Webllena IT info is about operating systems and applications(software) and physical equipment(hardware),user devices, peripherals etc.

5,7-inch phablet-LG V20 with Android 7.0 Nougat-Multimedia King

LG V thumb

LG V20-phablet from the future.The 1st with Android 7.0 Nougat installed.A second screen that can display notifications or house your own fast toggle settings or regularly used application shortcuts.A user-replaceable battery. Micro SD card improvement.4K video. Manual video and video camera controls- and some questionable army official certification. A little …

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Fast Review-EVGA X99 Micro 2 board-just perfect!

EVGA X Micro

The actual X99 platform is extremely eye-catching. Six cores or more, quad-channel memory,a lot of PCIe lanes,expanded storage options, the list goes on.But for those looking to shift to a more compact form factor in the process,choices are minimal. MicroATX and small X99 boards are few and far between.There is …

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Alcatel Shine Lite-Premium design and excellent tech features

Alcatel Shine Lite   thumb

After the successful presentation during the fair IFA, the largest consumer electronics fair in Europe,Alcatel Shine Lite is now available for customers who want to shine with a smartphone that combines sophisticated design and excellent technical features such as sensor for reading fingerprints or photo entertainment applications. Inspired by the …

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BenQ MX842UST short-throw projector for perfect edu presentations

BenQ MXUST   thumb

BenQ MX842UST–Perfect short-throw projector,with a high level of portability,fantastic OSD and much more…Popularity of presentational projectors is growing from year to year, and in addition to traditional solutions in the market is increasingly possible to find the so-called short-throw projector for presentation, whose biggest advantage is that we can project high-resolution …

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The Essence Of An High Voltage divider


Know more about a standard high voltage divider. You may have little concern for what can be found inside those electronic gadgets but it is still important for you to be a concerned consumer. In that way, you shall know when one is being provided with sub standard parts. So, start …

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