April 19, 2018
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Battery-powered devices and air travel-a few safety tips for you

battery safe thumb

Airplane passengers carrying the usual assortment of phones, cameras, tablets and e-readers are well within the airline industry’s safety limit for lithium-ion batteries of 100 watt-hours for each device. That figure measures how much energy the battery can hold, as well as how much energy it can deliver over time. Given the potential for lithium-ion batteries to catch fire, the …

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Recovery Tips For Damaged Hard Drives

HardDrive Recovery

Hard drives are combination of a circuit board and numerous movable parts and therefore they are quite complex. In case of recovery of hard drive data, one must be sure if the problem is hard drive itself that hinders your access your data. Problems regarding faulty circuit boards or the actuator arm are the most common problems that can occur. …

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10 easy steps to install Win10 from a DVD or USB


If you’re going to upgrade from Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1 Update to Windows 10, and you want to keep your data and programs untouched, we strongly recommend you to perform the online upgrade. As long as you stick to upgrading 32-bit Windows 7 to Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit to Windows 7 64-bit Win 10, the online installer works …

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When you decide to Sell Used Electronics…


Many people have electronic goods and will decide to offer them for sale when they are buying new goods or to make some money. Items such as tablets, laptops and TV’s are often still quite valuable when they are a few years old. When you have decided to put your used items up for sale there are a couple of …

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Benefits Of IT Solution-technology experts for Business

IT service

So that small enterprise can stay relevant and competitive in the current marketplace, they ought to embrace the new innovative technologies. They can do this cost efficiently and will less direct IT (information technology) understanding. Ensuring there is a dedicated and full time department of IT, like big institutions, is a bit costly, inefficient and time-consuming for the small businesses. …

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More likes on FB-Promote Your Facebook Page


Facebook is going to be around for a good long time.Your Facebook Page,too.It seems to have staying power, even though some felt it wasn’t going to last. It has led to many internet marketers rushing to create accounts and pages on this platform for some time. Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of space available on the network. …

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The Essentials Of Web Hosting In this Century

Web Hosting

A small introduction to “what is web hosting”? Users can see a web page, it must be published, and the site must be placed on a web server. Your PC can be used as a server if it is connected to the network, but it is common for this task for you to do the specialized hosting provider that will …

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How to Find the Perfect Web Hosting Company???

Web Hosting

A web hosting company is essential if you want to build a website of your own. There are hundreds to choose from, and you see ads for them all over the internet. How do you select the best one for your needs? When looking over different companies, you have to look at several different elements. Not everyone’s needs are the …

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How To Make Good YouTube Videos-4 great Tips


First, let’s begin with some of the most popular sorts of videos that people put together on YouTube. You’ll have Powerpoint or Keynote presentations, screencasts, stuff from Fiverr like animations, paper clipping and drawings and definitely, the most popular and that is presenting in front of the camera. As you now recognize the types of videos that you can put …

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Windows phone applications that you must have

windowsphone apps

myTube It is not a substitute, but one of the best YouTube application. Personally, I give it an advantage over the original for Android. It has additional features such as fast-moving video anywhere on the screen when the phone is held horizontally (instead of search pointer), tiling favorite list and the channel to the desktop, search comments and other videos …

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A list of fantastic free programs that you must have and download


Some free programs for Windows are literally get “cult status”. These are the programs –¬†must have. What is best of all, they are completely free and you can find them on this site for download. We live in an age of globalization and large corporations, large multi companies like Microsoft monopoly and are trying to their programs to make you …

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6 top tips to keep your Facebook account secure

safe facebook

Thousands of Facebook accounts are hacked every day. We present six ways in which hackers can get into your account. Facebook uses about 1.5 billion people. 1. Facebook phishing This method is most commonly used for hacking Facebook accounts. There are several strategies to perform phishing attacks. – Hacker makes a false login page which is almost identical to the …

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