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New Motorola X-strong hardware and screen of sapphire

The company “Motorola” for a long time did not present a new device, especially one that can compete with current models of competition. However, now it has been announced that the model, at least the hardware, will be the strongest in the market and will come with the most powerful processor and indestructible screen made ??of sapphire.

Although no one gave official confirmation, but now there are rumors about the characteristics of the phone.

strong hardware_motorola-

It is almost certain that the “Motorola X” will have a 4.8 inch screen, probably FullHD resolution. What is interesting is that the reference implementation of new technology in this cell phone, which means the screen protected by a sapphire, which is three times stronger than the current “gorilla glass”. This means that it will take a serious force to damage the display.

About dimensions are no available data, as well as on the material from which the phone will be made, but it is possible to have IP57 certification, which means that, like “Sony Xperia Z”, resistant to water and dust.

Will come in several different versions when it comes to internal storage, which can not be expanded with cards. Another thing sounds impressive, and it is a quad-processor from “Kvalkom”, which will operate in two gigahertz and shall bear the label “snapdragon 800”. About camera has no information, nor any other solutions. When it comes to software, it is certain that the “Google” in your phone install the new version of Android, and the long-awaited “Key Lime Pi”.

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