April 20, 2018
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The Best home Design Software-Live Home 3D

The actual successor to Live Interior 3D, Live Home 3D can make the technique of designing a unique house or interior
deceptively easy and fast.
If you have existing plans for your dream home,it’s simple to import scans of
existing 2D floor plans and make a detailed 3D model,full with home furniture and all the
trimmings, or start from scratch using the software’s intuitive applications to throw up virtual
walls,windows,and much more.Live Home D
The Room tool makes it really easy to draw a complete living space, then attach it to any part
of the house. There’s even an amazing drawing tool for adding rounded walls in a
couple of mouse clicks.
The user interface is set out in a comfortable and logical tabbed style, which turns what
could be a rather daunting task into a whole lot of drag-and-drop fun. One place where
there’s still room for improvement is how Live Home 3D handles elements – organising
layers gets to be a challenge as houses grow in size, and there’s no way to easily search for
the one you want to modify.

The user interface becomes what could be a daunting task
into a total bunch of drag-and-drop fun.Live Home D

Although Live Home 3D handles standard landscape design,it’s not particularly adept
at it, especially if your planned home is on anything other than flat ground. It’s much
better at sprucing up digital homes with a collection of over 1,500 objects, which can be
decorated with more than 2,100 different built-in materials; if that’s not enough, an
optional Extras Pack offers more than 600 more materials for £7.99.
When your home is modelled, you can take a virtual 3D walkthrough of it,export the project to social networks,or even share 360-degree panoramas straight to Facebook.
The app’s programmer gives detailed video tutorials to assist you get started,and there’s
a free trial edition to get a flavour of the software before you make a decision.Live Home D

There’s also a Live Home 3D Pro version (£52.99),if you want to tinker with structures taller than two stories or
require a lot more complicated roof,balcony, or porch designs. For most home uses,though,
the basic version is more than enough.

By  BeLight Software, belightsoft.com

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