Wednesday, August 23, 2017


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asus BRT-AC828

For Fast, Stable Wi-Fi Range – Asus BRT-AC828 Router

Any time it comes to wi-fi routers, little businesses are typically faced with a choice among two kinds of item: one that offers the functions they need but the wireless efficiency they do not want; or a speedy,highly effective consumer router that’s totally unsuited to a business setting...

Several ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection

Getting sick and tired of downloading some significant data files or connecting with your valued clients using the office Wi-Fi? The workplaces that we work in these days are very much dependent on the Internet and ultimately the routers that we use to enable its connection. To...
smart n8

Good and cheap budget smartphone – VODAFONE Smart N8

Despite currently being inexpensive, nevertheless, the Vodafone Smart N8 is rather lovely made, from its textured rear cover to its attractively designed edges.However, at 8.6mm thick and weighing 151g,it is both chunkier and more heavy than the Smart Prime 7. At the front side, there is a 5-megapixel...
sony FE  mm

New Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G ultra-wide lens

Any kind of absent pieces in the jigsaw of Sony’s E-mount lens map for full-frame digital cameras are quickly being filled up. At contrary ends of the variety of zoom lenses, there’s a 100-400mm super-telephoto that we will be reviewing in following month’s group test, and this...
Samsung CF791

Samsung CF791 34″ Curved Ultra-Wide high-quality QHD monitor

As well as currently being functional, the Samsung CF791 is also atractive. Its super-thin bezels produce the physical screen the issue of your focus. The front panel is not taken up with buttons, with Samsung choosing to use a joystick at the rear of the display for...

4K ILC mirrorless Camera Panasonic Lumix GX850 review

The Lumix GX850 is a follower of Panasonic’s GF8 and GM5 cameras, offering an interchangeable lens structure in a really lightweight body. The tiny size is a pleasure, while the big screen on the back uses a very favorable level of accessible space, so there was no feeling...
ipad pro in w

10.5-inch version of Apple iPad Pro tablet

Returning in 2015, Apple launched the first iPad Pro. This 12.9- inch super-tablet arrived with Apple’s fairly unique for-the-sake of-it Pencil stylus, and had a lot beefier guts than the several other iPads.It continue to ran iOS rather than MacOS, so it didn’t take on the Surface Pro...

The Brand new excellent smartphone,HTC U11 review

The HTC U11 is a modern smartphone, featuring an amazing set of specifications. It can hold its own against some other major flagships, though its technology play falls a little short.The HTC U11 touches phablet territory with its 5.5inch 1440x2560 screen, but a curved encasing guarantees a...