March 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: December 2016

One Plus 3T-Extra fast charging-just a perfect phone

One plus t thumb

Fantastic One Plus 3T !In comparison with One Plus 3,you can try and spot the variation but unless you have the proper light,you will not be able to.The 3T now wears a more dark, gun metal finish suit and pampers its rear camera lens in sapphire glass. Beyond that, you might have to check your invoice and allow the price tag do …

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Battery-powered devices and air travel-a few safety tips for you

battery safe thumb

Airplane passengers carrying the usual assortment of phones, cameras, tablets and e-readers are well within the airline industry’s safety limit for lithium-ion batteries of 100 watt-hours for each device. That figure measures how much energy the battery can hold, as well as how much energy it can deliver over time. Given the potential for lithium-ion batteries to catch fire, the …

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Chinese giant Alibaba new invest – $7.2 billion in entertainment

alibabalogo  thumb

Alibaba Group’s top entertainment executive is cementing his reputation as a bold leader at the Chinese e-commerce giant, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. Yu Yongfu was named CEO of Alibaba’s newly consolidated media and entertainment subsidiary in October. This week, the 40-year-old executive pledged to invest $7.2 billion (RMB50 billion) in media and entertainment over the next three years, adding that …

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Aston Martin Vanquish S-Top speed-201mph,Engine-6.0-litre V12,3.5-sec 0-62mph

Aston Martin Vanquish S  thumb

Aston Martin Vanquish S-The suspension,efficiency,style and price tag have all been improved to indicate it out as Aston’s range topping super-GT. Aesthetically,there is no mistaking it for anything else in Aston’s range.Carbon fibre has been included to the front splitter and rear diffuser, but as well as looking pretty, the brand-new front end is created to help eliminate lift and …

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2017 Porsche Panamera 4S -Sport or Luxury Car-this is a Porsche,after all…best V-6 in the world

newpanamera thumb

In comparison with the previous Porsche Panamera,the wheelbase has been extended 1.1 inches to 116.1 inches,with the front axle relocated forward half an inch relative to the firewall.The base of the windshield has also been moved back 0.8 inch,and the roof-line,even though 0.2 inch taller at its maximum level,has been dragged 0.8 inch lower as it arcs down over the …

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The Best home Design Software-Live Home 3D

Live Home D   thumb

The actual successor to Live Interior 3D, Live Home 3D can make the technique of designing a unique house or interior deceptively easy and fast. If you have existing plans for your dream home,it’s simple to import scans of existing 2D floor plans and make a detailed 3D model,full with home furniture and all the trimmings, or start from scratch …

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Action camera Nikon KeyMission 360-4K Unique footage

Nikon KeyMission  thumb

The Nikon KeyMission 360 providing a set of two of 180-degree lenses on its front and rear faces, and stitching the resultant images together to create 360-degree,4K footage. The camera itself is a robust small cube:with its focal-length-widening lens protectors included, it’s water-resistant to 20 metres.Replace the lens protectors with the underwater ones and – at the cost of becoming …

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New Nissan Navara-High performance and fantastic efficiency

Nissan Navara thumb

Not just is the Nissan Navara design and style totally new,but mechanically they began with a clean slate as well.It is a little bit larger and heavier than its predecessor.The load bin,for illustration, is now 67 mm much longer than before, and it weighs between 5- and 38 kg more,depending on the type you choose. The current trend is towards …

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Hyundai i40 Tourer-great style,lot of space,unlimited mileage warranty…

i  thumb

You’ll probably see the Hyundai i40 Tourer – flagship of the Korean car-maker’s fleet – doing the business, carrying up to five people and luggage with the peace of mind of a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The Hyundai i40 Tourer, which outsells the saloon, doesn’t have the most image-conscious badge but is a good-looking estate with bold, swoopy curves, strong …

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Recovery Tips For Damaged Hard Drives

HardDrive Recovery

Hard drives are combination of a circuit board and numerous movable parts and therefore they are quite complex. In case of recovery of hard drive data, one must be sure if the problem is hard drive itself that hinders your access your data. Problems regarding faulty circuit boards or the actuator arm are the most common problems that can occur. …

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New Xiaomi Mi Pad 3- could be your next iPad alternative?

Mi Pad  thumb

In spite of the poor sales of tablets, Xiaomi is ready to make an investment in expanding its Mi Pad series. The newest round of rumours indicates that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is planning to launch Mi Pad 2 successor Mi Pad 3 in China on December 30. The tablet is expected to deliver several upgrades on board, making it …

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Super Mario-The full story about most famous character in games

Super Mario thumb

Mario was developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a titan of the video game sector.He joined Nintendo just when it was shifting focus from creating playing cards to video games in 1977 and helped create some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. He has been a co-creator of the Donkey Kong, Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Starfox franchises. …

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50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan and limited luxury model J50

Ferrari J thumb

Throughout a special event held at the national art center in Tokyo to memorialize the 50th birthday of Ferrari in Japan, the Maranello-based luxury automobile company revealed a brand new totally limited collection of gorgeous vehicles, the J50– a two-seater, mid-rear-engined roadster that hearkens back to the targa body design signature of Ferrari road cars of the 1970s and 1980s. …

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Apple Pulls watchOS 3.1.1 Upgrade Right after Bricking Problems

applewatch  thumb

Previously this few days,along with its common release of iOS 10.2,Apple also rolled out watch OS 3.1.1 for its original Watch,much better Watch Series 1, and the fresh Watch Series 2. As suggested by the pregressive increase in the edition number over the earlier release, watchOS 3.1.1 was not meant as a main feature upgrade, but rather a small collection …

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