(2020) Hisense 65H9G TV review-outstanding overall performance

The Hisense 65H9G TV is an impressive TV, in general. It is well rounded and offers excellent performance for most uses. It’s an incredible choice to watch movies in the dark, as it has an excellent contrast ratio and great full-array local dimming function. The HDR content looks great because it becomes bright enough to highlight and displays a wide range of colors. In addition, players should appreciate their response time very quickly and a very low entry delay. Unfortunately, it is not suggested for extensive seating arrangements due to their narrow viewing angles.Hisense 65H9G TVHisense 65H9G is a well-rounded TV with impressive overall performance. It’s a nice improvement over its predecessor, the Hisense H9F. 65H9G has an excellent contrast ratio, a full-array local dimming function that helps the screen extremely deep black TV, and has an incredible black uniformity. The HDR content also looks great because it becomes bright enough to blow the reflections. Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles, which you would expect from a VA panel TV, and even though it has a 120Hz panel, it doesn’t display 120Hz signals correctly. It also has a mediocre color accuracy ready for use, so you may need to calibrate it for maximum enjoy. Although it doesn’t support any Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology, players should appreciate this TV’s extremely fast response time and really low input delay. Finally, it works very well in bright rooms because it becomes bright enough to combat the glow and has an exceptional handling of the reflection.
The Hisense H9G has a beautiful and simple design, very similar to the 2019 Hisense H9F, except that the back has a structured finish. Hisense added tracks on the back panel and clips to the cable management bracket. The stand has a unique design and is a generally simple-looking TV with thin metallic bezel that looks good in any configuration.Hisense 65H9G TV

The Hisense 65H9G TV is amazing for watching movies. It has an excellent contrast ratio and with local attenuation enabled, it shows extremely deep blacks. It increases low-resolution content without any problems, and you can remove judders from any source, such as native apps or Blu-ray players. Unfortunately, due to the TV’s fast response time, the lower frame rate content seems to stutter.
Great for games. The Hisense 65H9G TV has a very low input delay, an incredible response time, and has a black frame insert to erase the blurring of the movement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have as many additional gaming features as VRR support. However, it’s a great choice for darkroom games because it has an exceptional contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity.
Hisense 65H9G TV is perfect for HDR games. It has a low input delay, fast response times and HDR content looks great because it gets bright enough to really stand out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have as many gaming features as VRR support. However, it is able to show extremely deep blacks thanks to its exceptional contrast ratio.

The Hisense 65H9G TV is a very good for use as a PC monitor. It has a low input delay and shows the appropriate 4:4:4 chroma, which is important for reading text. Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles, so the edges of the screen may appear darker if you feel too close. On the plus side, it’s a great option to use in bright rooms, as it becomes bright enough to combat the glow and has excellent reflection management.Photo:HisenseHisense 65H9G TV

Hisense 65H9G TV-Improved high quality contrast, better details
Multiple local dimming zones provide a higher range of contrast and greater color accuracy.
Detail on the go
Motion speed technology minimizes delay and provides fluid movement during fast-moving scenes.
Beam Brilliantly
With up to 1000 nits of maximum brightness, scenes look even better in bright rooms or HDR content.
More power more clarity
Hisense ULED™ Hi-View technology and chipset™ intuitively to increase image quality and performance.
Artificial intelligence, even smarter
Automatic scene recognition continuously and intuitively adjusts the image and sound based on the type of content you’re viewing. It focuses on the areas that matter most to create an amazing video and sound.
Game mode
Enjoy a better gaming experience. In game mode, the input delay has been greatly improved, so the commands on the controller are virtually instantaneous on the screen.
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Built-in Google Assistant
With the built-in Google Assistant, you can quickly access entertainment, get answers, and control devices at home, all with your voice. Also, control your TV with your voice remote.
Away voice control
Make TV the centerpiece of the room, home and day. You can use your voice to quickly access what you want to see without touching a remote control. Interacting with your smart TV is easier and more intuitive.

Resolution:  4K Ultra HD
Display Type:  QLED Smart
Smart Assistant:  Yes
Screen Size:  65″
Processor:  Hi-View™
WiFi Compatible:  Built-in
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Motion Interpolation:  480
RF IN:  1
Ethernet Port:  1
HDMI Input:  4
USB Ports:  2
Audio Outputs:   Digital Audio Out (Optical)
Speakers: 10W + 10W
Wall Mount Compatibility:   400 x 300
Weight (lbs.):  39.2
Max. Resolution:   3840 x 2160
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