32GB MP3 Player Mibao – excellent little player – Specifications

I must admit I haven’t had an MP3 player in probably five years or more until I bought this. The first thing I would like to mention is that we travel 1000 miles several times a year and there are long stretches of road where you don’t get radio stations This will solve this problem.
As for the MP3 player. It came fully loaded, so I could start using it right away. Came up with some sample songs about it, so I could hear the sound quality right away.
Things I like on Mibao MP3 Player include:
Built in 32 gigs of storage, probably more than enough for what I need.
Small sizeMibao MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.2
Has an FM radio
Supports many formats, MP3, WAV, etc.
Comes with headphones, bracelet and USB cable
It came with easy instructions, but to be honest, you can discover most of it in minutes.

So with this quarantine going on I thought a little running might be in order, and since I needed some music I was looking for something compact, reliable, easy to use and compatible with a sports band.

The Mibao MP3 Player, it fits almost all those boxes.
At the time of reception I realized that it was well packaged (always a good sign), had clear instructions and was quite light. It came with headphones, charging cable and best of all, a decent quality bracelet.
The configuration is very simple and is used like any other removable hard drive.
The Mibao MP3 Player has a great set of features for the price: bluetooth so you can play on other devices, FM radio, storage for eBooks and photos and the ability to record. The user interface is simple (although I recommend for the next version of gen a wheel for faster scrolling) and intuitive.
With anything, things could improve: the sound is great, but I wish it was a stronger and lower touch (just the kind of music I play) and wifi would be absolutely brilliant (so you can update the song titles, etc.). These are just personal preferences.Mibao MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.2

The Mibao MP3 player with Bluetooth 4.2 is an excellent choice, offering great value for its features. It is compact, fitting perfectly in your pocket, and boasts a generous 600mAh battery, providing an impressive 50 hours of music playback on a single charge. Measuring only 2.4 inches, it features a color screen that conveniently displays status updates, song titles, album art, and even functions as a miniature ebook reader.

While it may not support app downloads like some other devices, it compensates with its ability to pair with external speakers and deliver exceptional sound quality for an MP3 player within its price range. Additionally, it comes equipped with an FM radio and an aux out port. The Mibao MP3 player supports a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, and FLAC, and offers expandable storage by allowing you to add your own SD card, providing over 128GB of storage capacity. So, turn up the volume, connect your best workout headphones, and enjoy your music to the fullest.

However, for such a small package, at a very good price and none of the faffs looking for accessories (it was the free bracelet that induced me) I can not be too picky. Recommended! Photo: Amazon

Mibao MP3 Player Specification:

Super light: 2.4-inch TFT display, 0.32-inch thick, 73g in weight.
32 GB memory capacity: Supports SD cards up to 64G.
Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology: better music, more stable connection.
Dual-sided acrylic glass design: makes mp3 lighter, brighter and more durable.
High-sensitivity touch button: automatic backlighting in the dark for easy operation.
FM Radio: A built-in FM tuner, it receives the signal very easily.
E-Book: Supports autoplay and memory, bookmarks, and page selection.


Product material: double-sided acrylic glass
Built-in storage capacity: 32 GB
Screen size: 2.4 inches

Audio format: MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/AAC/ACELP/APE(8KHz-48KHz)/FLAC(8KHz-48KHz)
Bluetooth support audio format: EPA/MP3/FLAC/WMA/WAV
FM Format/Registration: WAV/MP3
EBook Format: TXT
Photo format: JPG, BMP, GIF

Contents of the package:

1x Mibao M500 MP3 Reader
1x Music headphones
1x Sport bracelet
1x micro USB cable
1x User’s Guide
Mibao MP3 Player price:$39.99


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