4 Channel Power Amplifier Arcam PA410

Arcam PA410 – Offering a multitude of connectivity options, this 4-channel power amplifier is designed to enhance your audio experience when paired with Arcam’s line of AV receivers. By simply connecting it to your existing setup using RCA phono leads, you can expand your speaker configuration, resulting in a more immersive sound. With the ability to support Dolby 7.1.4, DTS:X, and other surround sound formats, this amplifier takes advantage of seven surround speakers and four ceiling speakers, creating a captivating audio environment.

Upgrade for unparalleled surround sound For those seeking the ultimate surround sound experience, the PA410 is a perfect match for the AVR20, AVR21, AVR30, and AVR31 models. By adding two of these power amps, you can achieve a sensational 9.1.6 surround sound setup, with nine speakers positioned around the room and six in the ceiling. This configuration is particularly suited for larger rooms, providing an immersive audio experience that is hard to match.

Arcam PA410 -
Arcam PA410 – photo

Enhance your AV40 or AV41 Compatible with Arcam’s AV40 and AV41 AV processors, the PA410 allows you to customize your channel configuration according to your preferences. Whether you choose to pair it with other PA410 power amps or combine it with different Arcam power amps, this flexibility enables you to create a tailored setup. Furthermore, by utilizing Arcam products together, you can ensure optimal system synergy and sonic harmony throughout your amplification.

Impressive stereo performance In addition to its surround sound capabilities, the PA410 excels as a high-quality stereo amplifier. When switched to bridged mode, it provides a power output of 60 watts per channel (90 watts at 4 ohms), making it suitable for most room sizes. Simply connect your preferred pre-amp or source with a built-in volume control, and you’re ready to enjoy the enhanced audio performance.

Exemplary sound quality Thanks to its efficient Class AB amp design, the PA410 delivers the renowned Arcam sound signature, characterized by its smooth, powerful, and natural audio reproduction. The toroidal power supply and paralleled transistor output stages ensure ample power delivery. Additionally, the acoustically damped chassis and high-quality components minimize distortion, resulting in an optimal listening experience.Arcam PA410 -

Perfect for professional installations Equipped with a wide range of sockets, the PA410 is ideal for professional audio installations. With RS232 control and 12V in/out triggers, seamless integration into sophisticated systems becomes effortless. Installers can also take advantage of firmware updating capabilities via USB or Ethernet connections, ensuring the amplifier operates at its full potential.

Elevate your Arcam AV system with the PA410 4-channel power amp, and enjoy an audio experience that surpasses expectations.Arcam PA410 -

Arcam PA410 Power Amplifier Specifications:

Continuous power output at 0.2% THD per channel

  • Four channels driven, 4Ω / 8Ω, 20Hz – 20kHz – 70W / 50W
  • Two channels driven, 4Ω / 8Ω, 20Hz – 20kHz – 90W / 60W
  • Harmonic distortion, 80% power, 8Ω at 1kHz – 0.003%


  • Input sensitivity 50W / 8Ω – 600mV RMS
  • Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd) 50W / 8Ω – 105dB
  • Input impedance – 10kΩ
  • Frequency response – 20 – 20kHz +/-0.05dB


  • Mains voltage – 110–120V or 220–240V, 50–60Hz
  • Power consumption (maximum) – 700W
  • Power consumption (idle, typical) – 90W (Thermal dissipation approx. 340 BTU/hour)
  • Power consumption (standby) – <0.5W
  • Dimensions W x H x D (including feet, control knob and speaker terminals) – 433x325x105mm
  • Weight (net) – 10kg
  • Weight (packed) – 11.5kg

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