4G mini, small Jelly smartphone – ideal for travel, workout,or for children

4G mini, small Jelly smartphone – ideal for travel, workout,or for children

Because smartphones come to be much more high-tech, the most of models are gaining inches in a mission to become the best almost all purpose item. Long gone are the times of slotting your mobile phone comfortably into your pocket-or at least they were, before Jelly smartphone showed up. Created by mobile phone innovators Unihertz, the 3.6 by 1.7 inch mobile device takes the title of world’s most compact,smallest 4G smartphone, packing all the performance of its fast growing rivals into a moment, workable form.
jellymini smartphone  small
The “micro” smartphone sets out to be the ideal option when a full feature specification is required without the large and expense of a flagship smartphone. But, a more compact size really does not mean compromise-Jelly packs a 2.45” TFT LCD display, operates Android 7.0 Nougat inside its tiny body, and is even totally compatible with the ultra-fast 4G network. Powered by a 1.1 GHz processor chip, mini Jelly arrives in three different color, with a memory option of either 1GB or 8GB.

Jelly’s sleek, fashionable aesthetic has been ergonomically created to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Even though, little in size, a single charge can power the tiny device for about 3 days of operating time, or a complete week on standby. Unihertz have even created Jelly to be compatible with nano SIM cards, making it simple to switch from your costly smartphone to Jelly for travel or sports activity.

The product packs both front and rear facing cameras, and can easily run virtually any kind of application from the Google Play store. With a weight of just 60.4 grams, Jelly is definitely the colorful antidote to troublesome smartphones. Its little size and low price make the device ideal for situations such as travel, workout, or also for children. Jelly’s selling price is as appealing as its aesthetic, with the mini smartphone set to go on sale for about 59 $.


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