4K Smart LG QNED81 75″ TV – stunning 4K on an ultra-large screen

By using QNED technology for a high quality picture, the LG 75QNED816QA TV (2022) provides truer colour. QNED – NanoCell and quantum dot combine for exceptional colour
QNED brings together LG’s premium NanoCell technology with quantum dot, providing spectacular ranges of colour and fine detail on this LG 75 inch TV. QNED widens the colour gamut, helping to make all images look much more real to life than with a typical LED TV.LG 75QNED816QA TV

What exactly is QNED?

Combined strength of Quantum Dot and NanoCell.
The name QNED is an combinations of the word ‘Quantum’, LG’s ‘NanoCell’ LCD branding, and the ‘Emitting Diodes’ used in its backlight. That’s a Q, an N, an E, and a D. Spefically, QNED makes use of 30,000 miniscule LEDs used in its backlight, far more than the number found in its existing LCD TVs. That’s because QNED uses what’s called Mini LED technology – a kind of backlight that uses a huge number of pretty small LED lights to regulate brightness and generate efficient contrast between different sections of the screen. LG’s QNED TVs also provide 2,500 dimming zones to reduce blooming and make sure that light is directed where it really should across your screen.
LG states its brand new backlight includes up to just about 30,000 tiny LEDs that produce outstanding maximum brightness and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 when combined with up to 2,500 dimming zones and advanced local dimming zones.
The contrast and brightness control is intended to be very similar to that of OLED, given the number of LEDs in play. OLED panels can turn off individual pixels totally, leading to its so-called ‘infinite’ contrast ratio between bright highlights and deep blacks. It is not an OLED beater, but really should still increase the overall performance of LG’s current NanoCell LCD TV range.

Highly effective processing, made much better – Alpha 7 Gen 5
LG 75QNED816QA TV, now in its 5th generation, LG’s powerful Alpha 7 processor chip continues to produce ideal sound and vision. Using AI technology, the picture and sound are optimized to finest suit the genre – be it movies, sport, gaming or regular TV. With Dynamic Tone Mapping, background improvement and upscaling enhancements, picture processing is more enhanced than ever.

Now with AI Picture/Sound Pro for professional audio and vision
Previously only accessible on higher versions, AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro are now regular on the LG 75QNED816QA. AI Picture Pro uses deep-learning algorithms to identify content, eliminate noise and optimize the picture.LG 75QNED816QA TV

Up-rated audio with AI Sound Pro
This bigger version of the QNED816QA gets an up-rated audio system with twice the power (40 watts) and dedicated woofer units for a much deeper sound. If you fancy a more cinematic sound from your TV, then LG’s AI Sound Pro really should be music to your ears. Using AI algorithms, AI Sound Pro up-mixes two-channel audio to virtual 5.1.2 sound – providing a much more impressive sound level. The Quad-core processor also optimises the sound based on content type – giving more clear vocals with news and dramas. The highly effective AI can also take account of your room’s acoustics and layout and manages to deliver the clearest sound possible.

HDR made better, with HDR10 Pro
LG’s powerful processing as well helps in getting the really perfect from HDR10 material. Whether watching movies or game playing with HDR10 games, HDR10 Pro intensifies the typical HDR practical experience. HDR10 Pro immediately adjusts the brightness, increasing colour and detail for a more vibrant picture.

See the picture just exactly as initially intended, with Filmmaker Mode
If you are mad about movies, you will really like Filmmaker Mode. Created in cooperation with filmmakers and Hollywood studios, Filmmaker Mode lets you experience the cinematic vision, exactly as the movie director intended. Overriding the TV’s own motion and picture processing, Filmmaker Mode provides the correct aspect ratio, colour and frame rate – just as the filmmakers intended.LG 75QNED816QA TV

Made for video gaming – with Game Optimiser and even more
The much better Game Optimiser utilises an improved gaming menu, giving you fast access to essential settings. There are now 5 game genre presets, which include a new one for sports games. Equipped with 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 sockets, this LG 75QNED816QA is made to get the very best from today’s, and upcoming, games consoles. ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) indicate that your TV automatically adjusts to the optimised configurations for gaming – giving you a softer and quicker response.

Generally regarded as one of the greatest smart TV platforms, LG’s webOS system continues to set the standard. The newest webOS 22 offers advanced personalisation and recommendations. You can make up to 6 customized profiles, with specific viewing recommendations, sport notifications and application lists.

Magic Remote for simple control
LG’s Magic Remote has always led the field for easy, gesture control. As well as this, the remote functions direct keys for well-known streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Rakuten TV. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa also get dedicated buttons for simply voice recognition.

The center of your home entertainment – with voice control
Presenting LG’s ThinQ AI technology, you can control a Home IoT eco-system with purely natural voice recognition. With both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, it makes it even much easier to control your LG QNED TV and instantly access the entertainment you are searching for. Photo: LG

Take pleasure in TV that is truer to life, with the LG 75QNED816QA TV.

LG 75QNED816QA TV specs:-LG 75QNED816QA TV-


  • Type  4K QNED
    Screen Size   75″
  • Resolution   3840*2160
    Color QNED / NanoCell    QNED
  • LCD (IPS, VA)   Multi
    Colour / Wide Colour Gamut    Nano Colour Pro
  • Colour display bits / Billion Rich Colours
    Contrast / Dimming    Local Dimming
  • Refresh Rate     120Hz
  • AI Picture Pro  AI Picture Pro
    AI Upscaling   AI Upscaling
  • AI Genre Selection  Yes (SDR/HDR)
    AI Brightness Control   Yes
  • HDR    Active HDR
    HDR10 Pro   Yes (4K/2K)
  • HLG   Yes (4K/2K)
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping / Pro   Dynamic Tone Mapping
    4K HFR   Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
  • 2K HFR    Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
    Motion Pro    Motion Pro
  • HEVC   4K@120P, 10bit
    VP9 (Video Decoder)  4K@60p, 10bit
  • AV1 (Video Decoder)  4K@60p, 10bit
    FreeSync Compatible   Yes
  • HGIG Mode   Yes
    Game Optimizer (VRR/ALLM/GameGenre)    Yes / Yes / Yes
    ARC – Audio Return Channel
    Yes – eARC
    Bluetooth  Yes
    Digital Audio Output  Yes – Optical
    DLNA Compliant  Yes
    HDMI   4 (HDCP 2.2 – 4)
    HDMI 2.0   Yes x 2 + ( 2 x HDMI 2.1)
    USB   2
    Wi-Fi   Yes

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