50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan and limited luxury model J50

Throughout a special event held at the national art center in Tokyo to memorialize the 50th birthday of Ferrari in Japan, the Maranello-based luxury automobile company revealed a brand new totally limited collection of gorgeous vehicles, the J50– a two-seater, mid-rear-engined roadster that hearkens back to the targa body design signature of Ferrari road cars of the 1970s and 1980s.

The car’s body-work-styling is totally innovative and showcases a futuristic form, with a remarkably unique personality. Ferrari claim the design approach had been,‘led by the desire to create a low-slung roadster, encapsulating intrinsic Ferrari values of nimbleness and agility.’J

To accomplish this, the slanted leading edge of the side window,continuous with the windscreen; and the raked black swage line which significantly goes up from the low-set nose until it goes away in the air intake aft of the doors converge with each other,making a sinuous active on the flank of the car.J
The Ferrari J50’s engine is protected by a transparent poly-carbonate cover up,trademark of the italian-automaker, which is gently formed offering protection to the heads of driver and passenger. The back is relatively aggressive in nature, boasting a quad-taillight-d esign which widens the car’s rear aesthetic profile.The rear diffuser features an extractor form inspired by jet engine after-burners, and offer a related sonorous sound. 20” solid alloys were created especially for the limited-edition model.J

The carbon-fiber hard targa top is divided directly into two pieces which can easily put behind the seats. The same J50 introduced during the launch celebration in tokyo is completed in a shade of three-layer red, with a red-over-black interior upholstered in high-quality leather and alcantara.

images © ferrari