6 Top Bells and Whistles for Your Car’s Interior

There are a variety of ways to spice up the interior of your automobile, and some of the enhancements are a great value for the money. Adding state-of-the-art car audio or infotainment center in one’s vehicle is a mere click away. Let’s look at some great innovations that enhance the interior of your vehicle. 

Car Stereos and In-Dash Additions 

Some of the best manufacturers for in-car audio equipment include Kenwood, Pioneer, and Jensen. Arguably, the best of these are Pioneer systems. In-dash infotainment can feature GPS navigation and add the ability to interface one’s smartphone with the system, and others include a large screen where your front-seat passenger can watch movies and TV. 

With CDs virtually obsolete, many prefer a digital media receiver to provide the audio from a streaming service – be it from Spotify, Soundcloud, or Pandora. For times when you’re away from the internet, you can hook up a USB hard drive filled with millions of songs, or just store your content on your mobile phone and use Bluetooth to play it in the car. 

Subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers are other parts of your car audio system that can be upgraded, turning your run-of-the-mill ride into an explosion of sound rivaling the best home audio systems.car 2378419 960 720

Let There Be Light! 

Another nice touch is to enhance the interior lighting of one’s car. LED is the way to go. Liquid emitting diodes provide high-quality light that uses little electricity while also lasting a near-eternity.

Interior lighting kits usually fit underneath the dashboard, seats, or along the footwells. They can come in a single color or multi-color, and you can usually control them with a control box, smartphone app, or wireless remote. Interior lighting really makes a statement.

For exterior light, Heise LED systems are the way to go. They are manufactured to meet all international standards, and the types of lighting available are quite varied, from dual row light bars to auxiliary accent lighting pods. 

Remote Start and Security

Does your vehicle not include a remote start system? This can be added aftermarket, with systems from Directed and Compustar.

Besides remote start, these systems can improve your vehicle’s security and allow you to check on your car remotely with your phone to see wherever it is at all times.ezgif 4 72c8b6a0dbe2

Backseat Entertainment

Many seek to entertain their backseat passengers, and a rear-seat entertainment system is another nice enhancement, particularly if you have kids. Video monitors can be fitted into the front seat headrests, and then the kids (or adults in the backseat) are able to enjoy movies and other entertainment with the visuals directly in front of them. 

VOXX electronics (VEC) is a great manufacturer for these needs. The AVXSB10UHD is a great option to play DVDs and other media. It uses a DVD player and can share the same content on two monitors simultaneously. Media can also be stored on SD Cards and USB drives, so it is easy to import one’s favorite movies, shows, and music. One monitor includes an HDMI input as well, making it easy to hook up one’s favorite gaming systems if you really want to kick it up a notch.

Radar Detection 

Radar detection from manufacturers like Escort and K40 Electronics keeps you aware of speed traps that might catch you unawares. Visual and audio alerts can advise you of upcoming issues with front and rear radar detection.

Kill External Sound with Damping

Another touch you can add is MESA MAT damping material that can virtually eliminate external noise and vibrations. 

Why sound dampening? It creates an idyllic haven inside the cabin so that passengers can enjoy their media with reduced external noise and vibration from the road. It creates an entertainment bubble for passengers and is a great enhancement to any car audio installation in New Orleans

If one is going to invest in the DVD and audio options above, it only makes sense to get the best performance from them by sound insulating your vehicle. All of these additions will create a car that is a pleasure to ride in. Your car will not be just an “A to B point” vehicle, but one that can really be enjoyed as a fun experience for the driver and all of his or her passengers. 

With a proper entertainment system, music and movies can be enjoyed with theater-like quality, making long road trips enjoyable instead of burdensome tasks. With the right aftermarket additions, any vehicle can be brought up to the most modern standards.

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