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8-inch max bass Wireless subwoofer – Klipsch R-80SWi

Klipsch R-80SWi 8-inch Wireless Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-80SWi is a wireless subwoofer that is designed to be paired with other home theater or audio components to add depth and impact to the audio experience. It features a built-in amplifier and a 8-inch woofer, and can be connected to a receiver or other audio source wirelessly using a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The R-80SWi also includes a line-level input for connecting to a receiver or other audio source using a traditional wired connection. It is designed to be placed on the floor or in a corner of a room, and is typically used to enhance the bass response of music, movies, and other audio content.

The Klipsch R-80SWi 8-inch Wireless Subwoofer provides outstanding, room-filling bass with no the need for a subwoofer cable. In spite of your room’s present or future design, the R-80SWi offers you total flexibility to find the optimum place for greatest output and aesthetics. Connect the sleek and stylish, pre-paired transmitter to the subwoofer or LFE out on your favorite component, then place the R-80SWi wireless subwoofer at any place you decide on and plug it into an outlet. The Klipsch R-80SWi is lightweight in dimension, but produces maximum bass with a down-firing driver.

Klipsch driven subwoofers are created to reproduce deep bass and provide the effect that will make your movies and favorite songs come alive. For ideal performance, place your subwoofer in a corner of the room on the same wall as your front channel audio speakers. Please note that room placement can have a remarkable impression on the overall performance of your powered subwoofer. Corner placement, as suggested previously, will improve the level of bass output, while placing the subwoofer along the center of a wall, or out in the room will minimize the amount of bass output. Research with a number of various placement options and control configurations to locate the one that most effective suits your particular room and taste. When selecting your subwoofer’s position, keep in mind that you will need to connect the subwoofer’s built/in amplifier to an AC power outlet.

Wireless High Fidelity Sound – Connect Wirelessly (2.4 gHz) get Hi-Res Sound

SPUN COPPER IMG WOOFER- Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofers are extremely light while being exceptionally rigid – supplying amazing low frequency response, with minimum cone breakup and distortion.

A spun copper IMG (injection molded graphite) woofer is a type of speaker driver that is designed to produce high-quality bass and mid-range frequencies. The woofer is typically made of a combination of copper and injection molded graphite, which helps to make it lightweight and rigid. Copper is known for its excellent conductivity and high strength, and the injection molded graphite helps to improve the woofer’s overall durability and performance.

Spun copper IMG woofers are typically used in high-end audio systems, as they offer superior performance compared to traditional paper or foam cone woofers. They are able to reproduce deep bass frequencies with accuracy and clarity, and are able to handle large amounts of power without distorting the sound. In addition, spun copper IMG woofers are typically very durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Klipsch R-80SWi 8-inch Wireless Subwoofer


An all-digital amplifier is an amplifier that uses digital signal processing (DSP) to amplify an audio signal. It is a type of power amplifier that converts a digital audio signal into an analog signal that can be amplified and played through speakers.

All-digital amplifiers have several advantages over traditional analog amplifiers. One of the main benefits is that they are more efficient, as they do not generate as much heat as analog amplifiers. This makes them ideal for use in portable devices, such as smartphones and portable speakers. In addition, all-digital amplifiers are able to deliver more power and higher quality sound than analog amplifiers, as they do not suffer from the same signal loss and noise that can occur in analog systems.

All-digital amplifiers are typically used in a wide range of audio systems, including home theater systems, portable speakers, and car audio systems. They are also commonly used in professional audio applications, such as sound reinforcement and studio recording.

The built-in all-digital amplifier provides ample power with high performance and true-to-source precision in reproduction. Photo: Klipsch

COMPACT DESIGN – Compact cabinet design allows for discrete, flexible placement without sacrificing cinematic and detailed low frequencies.

DOWN-FIRING DRIVER – The high performance driver provides deep bass and placement flexibility.

LOW PASS CROSSOVER AND PHASE CONTROL – Allows you to blend the subwoofer’s low-frequency tones with other Klipsch speakers as well as establish the ideal level of bass.

LINE/LFE INPUTS – Ensures compatibility with old and new receivers.

MDF CABINETS WITH BRUSHED POLYMER VENEER FINISH – Contemporary aesthetic with absolute durability that results in a seamless integration into any décor.

FRONT-MOUNTED LED POWER INDICATOR – Let’s you know when the system is on or off.Klipsch R-80SWi 8-inch Wireless SubwooferKlipsch R-80SWi

Klipsch R-80SWi 8-inch Wireless Subwoofer specs:

AMPLIFIER    All digital
DRIVE COMPONENTS    8” (20.3cm) high excursion, IMG, down-firing woofer
ENCLOSURE TYPE    Bass Reflex via down-firing tube port
INPUTS    Line level/LFE RCA jacks
HEIGHT   13.25″ / 33.66 cm
WIDTH   11.75″ / 29.85 cm
DEPTH    11.75″ / 29.85 cm
WEIGHT   15.0 lbs (6.8 kg)
FINISH    Brushed Black Polymer Veneer
BUILT FROM    2017
FEATURES   Volume, Lowpass, Phase, Auto Power
PHASE   Switchable 0-180 degrees
POWER CORD   Detachable

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