A new series of Fidelio products, new X3, headphones from Philips

Intended to be the beginning of a new series of Fidelio products, X3 is the flagship product and uses large 50mm multilayer polymer controllers that are filled with gels for better damping. It is also equipped with a powerful neodimium motor system to allow for extended high natural frequencies and precise spatial reproduction.

Double-layer ear shells have a new ridge-like internal construction designed to reduce vibration, while speaker plates sit at a 15-degree tilt to ensure music is directed to the ear duct For an experience really addictive listening and, like a real open-back headset, the acoustically transparent Kvadrat fabric is used to reduce any air pressure build-up.

The Fidelio X3 has a 5Hz to 40KHz frequency range that allows high-resolution audio performance levels and the set can be used in balanced mode to reduce interference and further improve stereo separation.x3 68441

Exceptional audio performance, comfort, luxury design and build quality combine to create a real flagship headset with the launch of the new quality ‘audiophile’ Fidelio X3.

. The Fidelio X3 combines performance, style and comfort to create a unique and enjoyable property experience, such as the choice of ‘expert’ music

· Fidelio X3 offers exceptional comfort thanks to the application of the highest quality materials by European specialists, including Muirhead skin of Scotland’s origin and the Danish acoustic fabric Kvadrat

· The Fidelio X3 features “end-to-end” components of the highest quality

· The large 50mm multi-layer controllers allow Fidelio X3 to deliver a large and complete audiophile quality sound.

· Optional balanced connection and cable to reduce interference and improve stereo separation

· High-resolution performance accredited by the HRA

The Philips Fidelio X3 is the latest model of the acclaimed Fidelio series and is in particular the latest version of the hugely popular Fidelio open-back headphones, much loved by both audiophiles and artists for their unique combination of rich sound and precise quality, comfort extreme and elegant, luxurious design.

Fidelio’s experience is based on creating products with real pride in ownership and focuses on three pillars: sound quality, design quality and best user experience – with the X3 launched as the first of a new series of Fidelio products and as a flower and the highlight of the range.X3bal

Philips Sound designed the Fidelio X3 to combine precision with generous bass and a warm bass – where the focus is on a tight and shocking sound with exceptional separation of instruments and voices, while the hi-end is clean, detailed and has excellent extension. The result is a spacious delivery with music that seems to extend beyond the confines of the headset, creating a unique experience that is authentic and accurate but offers the scale of a live performance.

Multilayer polymer drivers – filled with gels for better damping – and the powerful neodymium motor system also allow for high natural high frequency and precise spatial reproduction that complements the traditional signature Philips Fidelio, High quality bass.

With double-layer ear shells with a new internal crest construction designed to reduce vibration, the Plates of the Fidelio X3s speakers are pre-tilted at a 15-degree angle to more precisely fit the natural shape of the ear, and to ensure that the music is directly in the hearing duct for a truly immersive listening experience.

Philips Sound has also given the Fidelio X3 the luxury style to match its performance in a design that provides durability and comfort. Real materials have been selected by specialist European partners to improve the exceptional look of the product!

A lightweight yet strong, dark satin steel frame is covered in responsibly sourced black Muirhead leather and combined with thick felt headband and velour memory foam pads to ensure exceptional comfort even during during the longest listening session.

As an open acoustic rear cushion, the Fidelio X3’s advanced architecture replaces a traditional grille with acoustically eco-transparent Kvadrat fabric to reduce any build-up of air pressure and standing wave reflections from behind drivers.

The Fidelio X3 also achieves high-resolution performance levels over an exceptionally wide bandwidth accredited by HRA from 5hz to 40Khz. For maximum performance, the Fidelio X3 can also be used in balanced mode to give the left and right channels separate terrain to reduce interference and further improve stereo separation. A woven torque cable balanced with MMCX connectors is also included for a higher connection to high-resolution audio devices.    photo>Philips

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