Amazing 8K Pano-S 360-Degree Camera

Since VR cameras begin to round the mark, the Pano-S 360-Degree Camera combines the trend. Every individual these days is slowly becoming aware of how virtual reality works. The Pano-S 360-Degree Camera is an avant-garde piece of technology that allows you to shoot exceptional images and videos with the use of its various features.


The camera Pano-S 360-Degree Camera is known for its internal battery and 8k recording resolution. Allows you to record video in 4k for 1 hour and 3 hours of 8k photos. This amazing camera also has Autopano sewing software that works efficiently to combine various content together after it has been captured. It has 6 cameras in total, so it’s the best ultra-high resolution camera that’s all set to record 360 virtual reality videos and high quality panoramic images.

According to inventors of Pano-S: “Autopano provides advanced image processing and an astonishing photographic retouching. It is able to provide end-to-end, post ingestion at 30-frame high quality Seam for encoding, or it can be a powerful first step in your workflow.

As for the weight of the Pano-S 360-Degree Camera, it does not weigh as much because it is only 0.65 kg. This is very surprising considering the fact that it has 6 Fish-eye cameras in total. It has an aluminum case so it will be convenient and easy for you to carry. On the other hand, it is powered by the internal 6,000 mAh battery which makes it optimal in capturing high quality video and images. In video recording, the format is in MP4 format. In addition, the Pano-S 360-Degree Camera comes with an RF 2.4 remote and a built-in mic.