Android app for Video Calling – which one is your favourite?

There are so many applications for video calling, some are unique to a brand of phone: The face of Apple time (exclusive to IPhone/IPod/IPad) that is not as good as some of your friends and family can not be rich and can not afford Apple’s Luxury and can have an Android device or Windows
Phone device.

I would like to know of the many applications, which one is your favorite, and why?

1. Used to use Skype, but I noticed that not everyone has or wants a Skype account now a day, and those who do, tend to forget their passwords or have an account, but do not have the application installed on their phone is low on their list Priorities, but it works great when I got it. But I’m discovering that the app is not keeping up with the competition and is severely missing, just the other day I made a call to a friend on Skype, and told me that I need to put money in my Skype account to make this call? Your always been free to call other peoples Skypes, I thought the money was to call fixed? I guess they’re getting greedy. A professional on Skype is multi-platform, plus I found a Skype Lite app in the Google App Store it looks great that you got rid of all those bots and trash.

  1. WhatsApp. I was using WhatsApp, but I think it was not so popular, people used it more to share funny images throughout the day in group chats and rarely the video calls used to talk. I did chat a few times in what is app, but I noticed that the people I tried to call wouldn’t work because they deleted the app, but forgot to cancel their account and not tell anyone.
  2. Google Duo. I’m new to Google Duo, but I’ve noticed their always pre-installed on my Android, my Android handcuffs, my tablet, and some of my friends and family phones. Also not only do a version of Android, but an iPhone version for even the multi-platform capability so you can call the iphone people with Google Duo. I’m willing to give it a try, but I don’t want to have so many unnecessary apps on my phone I want to keep having just one or two so let’s see.
  3. Facebook. -Since I’m not on Facebook and highly despise it, I decided to stay away because I disagree with the management of my private information. I’ve also heard that not many people have used it and needed another application to use it.
  4. Carrier based Video Call – my Android has the default carrier video call, but the problem is that if I call my cousin in New York It’s a long distance call since the audio part of the call goes through the network of LD vectors , which is a disadvantage of using the video calling platform of carriers video calling platform .