AOC 27V2Q monitor,frameless and attractive – Slim 7.9 mm, FreeSync, 75Hz refresh rate…

The AOC 27v2q is a monitor with a (at first glance) very simple premise: it is very thin. The LCD panel is only 7.9 mm on its upper edge and expands to 18mm on its lower edge. In combination with extraordinarily narrow frames around the screen, this makes a very impressive-looking device.

It also has a list of features that should appeal to a wide selection of buyers. The 27-inch screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, uses an IPS-type LCD for good display angles and color accuracy, and will get some modest game credentials as well.


A maximum refresh rate of 75hz is quite a bit of success on the 60 Hz screens, while a response time of 5 MS is a bit better than some IPS displays. There is also freesync support.

AOC 27v2q specifications:

Screen size: 27-inch, 16:9 aspect
Native resolution: 1,920 x 1,080
Refresh rate: 75Hz
Panel type: IPS, 6-bit+FRC
Contrast ratio: 1,000:1 native
Brightness: 250cd/m2
Response time: 5ms grey-to-grey
Adaptive sync: Fresync
Display inputs: DisplayPort, HDMI
USB hub: No
Audio: No speakers, 3.5mm headphone port
Tilt: Yes
Raise: No
Swivel: No
Pivot: No

As with the LCD panel, it is 27 inches from one angle to the other and has a resolution of 1080p. This can be a bit of a dough point for some buyers, as a higher resolution 1440p is common for a screen this size and is the size/resolution you would normally opt for. The largest number of pixels allows a sharper image and a larger desktop area to work on.

However, some users are satisfied, or prefer actively, a lower resolution, so let’s leave the process to you. As a reference, a 27-inch screen with a 1440p resolution has a pixel density of 110ppi, whereas here is 82ppi.


Meanwhile, using an IPS panel should ensure good viewing angles and better color reproduction compared to the cheaper TN panels, although the high contrast is your own, you may prefer to look for a VA panel. The panel uses 6-bit color processing with FRC, so it won’t offer the true chromatic fidelity of the 8-bit panels, but it should be good for general use if you’re looking for a professional quality screen for editing pictures and videos , this will not be an ideal option.

With a native refresh rate of 75hz, the 27v2q delivers a slight increase in game performance compared to standard BOG screens. You will also get freesync to eliminate screen ripping and park when used with AMD graphics cards.

Starting with our subjective impressions of the initial image quality as soon as you shoot the AOC 27v2q it is obvious that you are receiving a decent quality screen. The colors are catchy but precise, there is a decent level of contrast and the viewing angles are good.

There are only two obvious disadvantages. The first one is the resolution. Low pixel density means that you can clearly see every single pixel from a normal viewing distance-a retina display is not.

There are only two obvious disadvantages. The first one is the resolution. Low pixel density means that you can clearly see every single pixel from a normal viewing distance-a retina display is not.
The other problem is the IPS brightness. This is where the backlight of the screen shines through a bit, so for a slightly washed, gray-looking image. This tends to be visible only when you see the screen from a certain angle, so that sometimes you can see in the corners of a screen when you sat down at a normal viewing distance. This is also the case here, but the extent to which it shines is greater than better quality panels.

The AOC 27v2q is a great entry-level monitor. It offers an elegant design, good image quality and a suitable gaming performance at a very competitive price( £170 ).

You can hardly buy a IPS screen cheaper than this and yet you still get a large 27-inch screen size, a refresh rate of 75hz and yet that impressive slim design.

Compared to the more expensive IPS displays, the fine chromatic fidelity is not so good, but in general it still offers a more than satisfactory image with a good balance of color, angles of vision and contrast.

Similarly, switching to the game screens right 144hz makes a big difference to your overall gaming experience, but once again you’re going to pay a significant chunk more.

There are only a few caveats to recommend this screen. The first is the basic support, which does not offer the height or adjustment of the rotation, and you can not actually remove the original media and replace it with a more capable one, too. The other drawback to mention is the remarkable brightness IPS present with this panel.

However, for £170 we can not expect a perfect screen, and in general the AOC 27v2q affects a good balance of performance, aesthetics and price.


Slim and elegant Design.
Good overall image quality.
Low price.
75hz better than 60hz for Gaming.

Basic gaming performance.
Low brightness.
Single resolution 1080p photo: AOC