AOC monitor made for gaming – model AG322QCX Agon

In one package, AOC has been stacked with almost all of the recent major advances in screen technology. It is large, at 31.5 inches and with a useful resolution of 2560 x 1440, is fast, with FreeSync and a 144Hz refresh rate, and is curved. The AOC AG322QCX has a price of $599, which is very competitive for a gaming screen of this size.

The AOC AG322QCX Agon Monitor is made for games, supports FreeSync, which almost everything does today if it has not adhered to the reduction of the G-Sync Camp. A 4ms response and the aforementioned 144Hz Refresh ensures almost smooth frames, as long as the GPU is not overburdened, and is unlikely to be in this resolution. Having a large screen physically running at a relatively conservative resolution is a great strategy for a game screen. It will be sharp enough for the text in the game to look good and scale well, while a relatively low-level GPU will feed well until it’s the budget.


Comes with a good set of standard features plus a couple of great surprises. Around the back is a foldable ear support, good AOC work. There is also a pull-out control unit to adjust all OSD controls on the monitor. It’s hard to see what this brings because the lever and buttons for the OSD on the monitor itself are perfectly achievable. Similarly, you can install a Windows application to do those same settings through the desktop. I liked the built-in break reminder, which closes the monitor screen for a period of time for those who should take more care of their eyes. Among the color presets, too, is a Low Light mode, once larger for eye care, especially at night.

And there is RGB. A lighted enough bar of good taste runs through the bottom of the lower bezel, and four other strips of light are on the back. Can be turned off. They appeared like these that would make a grimace if this monitor was not so cheap. As it is, he asked us how AOC managed to make this a very non-vanilla product, but at such an attractive price.

There is metal stand, and rotates the angle of the screen, which is rare and fantastic, as well as the height and rotation. The connectivity is reasonable, with VGA, HDMI 1.4 HDMI 2.0 and a pair of DP 1.2 ports. A couple of 5w speakers are built in, and although the cost they add is probably minimal is a game screen and no player in your right mind would use these speakers.


With 27-inch monitors that just now rise to the fore as the preferred size for game players, the 31.5″ curved (144Hz) on offer here for $600 is really convincing. It’s a very good value and a completely decent game screen, but don’t buy one if all you’re going to use for work, the pixel density is too much of a problem for that.

Specs monitor AOC AG322QCX Agon:    Resolution-2560×1440 , Refresh rate-144Hz , Response time-4 ms , Panel-MVA, Backlight-WLED, Brightness-300 cd/m² , Contrast (dynamic)-50M:1 , Viewing Angle-178/178 , Signal input-VGA, HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 2, Built-in Speakers-5 W x 2, Warranty period-3 Years.
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