Apart PCR3000MK3 – review

From Bluetooth streaming to radio, the Apart PCR3000MK3 allows you to play a wide range of music sources.

Multi-source music
Designed for commercial applications such as shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants, the PCR3000MK3 takes care of all music sources in a single thin box. Connect wirelessly and stream via Bluetooth. Connect music stored via USB or SD card. Slot on a CD or just select from DAB or FM and listen to the radio.

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Bluetooth, wireless connection
With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect any smartphone or tablet and stream music from it. Perfect for playing music stored on your device, it also works well for playback from streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.

CD player
The standard CD player indicates that this music player is CD-compatible. With AutoPlay, you can choose to start music where you leave it when it’s turned off or wait for a new command.

USB and SD card inputs
Brilliant solutions for storing huge music collections, SD cards and USB sticks are now able to accommodate vast music collections, without the shelf space occupied by DOCUMENTS. Songs up to 32 GB and 9999 per device are supported. There are USB connections both on the front and back, perfect for a temporary or permanent connection. You can also choose between Autoplay and Stack with these fonts.

V 20150505132423167 C 100 F PCR3000RMKIII rear web

DAB/FM tuner
If you prefer to simply let the radio play, the Apart PCR3000R MK3 will also force it. Both DAB (digital radio) and FM are standard, covering all local and national stations.

Thin design
Designed for rack mounting, the Apart PCR3000R MK3 covers all the music sources needed in a thin box. At a height of only 44 mm, its 1U housing adapts to the narrowest spaces.

Flexible outputs
This combi music source is designed to work with all kinds of amplifiers and powered speaker systems. You can emit the tuner radio and CD/USB/SD separately or combined – via rcA phonos. For digital amplifiers, you can also choose to use optical and coaxial digital outputs. An RS232 interface facilitates control through a multi-room control system.Photo:Apart

Don’t limit the music sources, play everything with the Apart PCR3000R MK3.

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