Apple iPhones may come with a Type-C port in 2023.

A USB type-C port on an Apple iPhone is something many people across the world have wished for. The company is reportedly testing future iPhone models that might replace the lightning port on the Apple iPhone.

According to a report in Bloomberg, the company is also working on an adapter that would let future iPhones work with accessories designed to work with the current Lightning port, so that those with a Lightning port iPhone don’t miss out on any functionality in the future. The reporot published by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that if Apple does go ahead with a type-C port, the change won’t occur at least till 2023 and this year’s iPhone 14 series will continue with the Lightning port.

USB type-C port on an Apple iPhone
photo: Pixabay

By moving to USB type-C, Apple will make it easier for users to charge their iPhones more easily and would also streamline the collection of chargers used by its devices. Most of the company’s iPads and Macs already rely on USB type-C rather than lightning. This means that users can not use a single charger for their iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. Wireless chargers for both the iPhone and Apple Watch also use a USB type-C connector for power bricks.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted the same and said that it might just lead to confusion. The new connectors are also said to be compatible with many existing chargers for non-Apple devices like Android phones and tablets.

However, the majority of Apple accessories including AirPods, the Apple TV remote, MagSafe battery pack, and the MagSafe Duo charger still use the Lightning port, alongside the iPhone.

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