APS-C DSLR camera Review – Canon EOS Rebel T8i

The Canon EOS Rebel T8i camera is a very good choice for landscape photography. Even when shooting at high levels of ISO to compensate for poor lighting conditions, the images should still be quite low in graininess. Its touch interface is bright enough to be clearly seen even in direct sunlight and is sharp enough. Unfortunately, while the camera itself is convenient to use, it is not particularly easy to carry for long periods and the body is not weather sealed, although we do not currently test for it.
The Canon EOS Rebel T8i camera is solid choice for vlogging. It’s pretty cumbersome, which can get you around a bit of hassle. The videos recorded in FHD and 4k also look a bit loud and grainy, and the portable images might seem a bit unstable due to the camera’s poor video stabilization performance. However, the camera’s autofocus system does a fantastic job of tracking faces in the FHD video, and the fully articulated screen can be rotated completely so you can see when the camera points towards you.Canon T8i DSLR cameraThe Canon T8i is perfect camera for sports and nature photography. Its maximum continuous cooking speed is not particularly high, which can make it difficult to capture images other than fast-moving subjects. Fortunately, the image quality itself is good and you should be able to capture clear images that are mostly grainless even at high ISO levels. The camera’s autofocus system does a great job of tracking moving subjects. Unfortunately, the camera kit lens doesn’t come close enough for you to take photos of distant objects.
The Canon T8i is good for travel photography. Images are low noise and grainy even at high iso levels, and their autofocus system is fast, reliable, and consistent when it comes to accurately tracking moving objects and faces. Even the minimum shutter speed of the camera drops low enough for long exposure photography.Canon Rebel T8i DSLR camera Unfortunately, it is quite bulky and does not feel particularly durable, although it is convenient to use.
Canon EOS Rebel T8i is not designed for action videos. It is too large to be mounted on a helmet or chest platform and does not support any 4k or FHD high-speed frame rate options for smooth slow motion video. Video stabilization performance is also licked overall.
Canon EOS Rebel T8i is a simple DSLR APS-C camera. It offers good image quality, even in dimly lit environments, and has an autofocus system that does outstanding work of tracking faces and objects during fixed photography. It is also quite comfortable to use and has a bright and fully articulated screen that is easy to see, even in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, it is quite bulky and its 4k and FHD video recording quality is not particularly impressive.Canon EOS Rebel T8i-

Type   Digital AF/AE single-lens reflex camera
Image Processor    DIGIC 8
Recording Media   SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
• SD speed class-compatible
• UHS-I compatible
• High-speed writing is supported when a UHS-I compatible SD card is used
• Eye-Fi card is not supported
• Multimedia cards (MMC) cannot be used (card error will be displayed)
Image Format     Approx. 22.3 x 14.9mm (APS-C Size)
Compatible Lenses    Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses, excluding EF-M lenses)
Lens Mount     Canon EF mount
Image Sensor
Type CMOS sensor (supporting Dual Pixel CMOS AF)
Effective pixels: Approx. 24.1* Megapixels
Total pixels: Approx. 25.8* Megapixels
* Rounded to the nearest 100,000.
Pixel Unit Approx. 3.72 µm square
Aspect Ratio 3:2 (Horizontal : Vertical)
Color Filter System RGB primary color filters
Low Pass Filter Installed in front of the image sensor, non-detachable
Dust Deletion Feature
(1) Self Cleaning Sensor Unit
• Removes dust adhering to the low-pass filter.
• Self-cleaning activated automatically (in-progress display for approx. 2 sec.) when power is
turned on or off. Manual operation also possible (in-progress display for approx. 8 sec.).
• After the cleaning is performed, the camera will automatically restart (power OFF to ON).Canon EOS Rebel T8i(2) Dust Delete Data acquisition and appending
• The coordinates of the dust adhering to the low-pass filter are detected by a test shot and
appended to subsequent images.
• The dust coordinate data appended to the image is used by the compatible versions of Canon’s
Digital Photo Professional software to automatically erase the dust spots.  Photo: Canon
(3) Manual cleaning
Picture Style
(1) Auto
(2) Standard
(3) Portrait
(4) Landscape
(5) Fine Detail
(6) Neutral
(7) Faithful
(8) Monochrome
Maximum Burst:
Image file sizes,
number of shots, burst
Image File Size
(approx. MB)
Possible Shots
(approx.) Maximum Burst (approx.)
Large (Fine) 8.4 3,600 170
Large (Normal) 4.5 6,610 170
Medium (Fine) 4.6 6,480 167
Medium (Normal) 2.6 11,400 167
Small 1 (Fine) 3.1 9,690 163
Small 1 (Normal) 1.8 16,010 163
Small 2 1.8 16,340 164
RAW 27.2 1,120 40
C-RAW 15.8 1,930 75
RAW + Large (Fine) 35.6 850 35
C-RAW + Large (Fine) 24.2 1,250 57
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