Arcam AVR20 Class AB AV Receiver – fully-immersive sound

Offering the perfect balance of power and sharpness, the Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver delivers home theater overjoy that are off scale.
Turn on
With multi-channel power from 60 watts per channel (model AVR10) to 90 watts, the Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver delivers smooth, effortless power. The 50% increase in power not only improves the dynamics of music and soundtrack, but also fills larger rooms with greater ease. This extra unit is also useful for less efficient speakers.
Processing up to 16 channels
Another great update with this AVR is the addition of processing for up to 16 channels. Add additional power amplifiers and you’ll be able to decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X signals, up to version 9.1.6, enough for larger home theaters. For best results, pair them with Arcam PA410, PA240 or PA720 power amplifiers.
Unique Dirac Live, for the unique sound in your room
For the high-quality sound in your room, Arcam AVR20 includes Dirac Research’s, powerful room correction technology. This uses a microphone and dedicated software to take multiple readings around your room and feed the information to the amplifier for a fully tailored response (professional setup recommended).Arcam AVR20 AV ReceiverEnjoy fully immersive sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoders deliver truly immersive sound through ceiling or overhead speakers. Arcam AVR20 offers both systems, giving a 5.2.2 system with two ceiling or trigger speakers.
Certified for IMAX Enhanced
A collaboration between IMAX, DTS and award-winning Hollywood audio mixers, the IMAX enhanced certification delivers impressive levels of sound quality. Only the highest quality home theater equipment meets the standards. IMAX’s enhanced content is available in HDR and UHD Blu-ray streaming and promises to offer the next step in the sound of the already impressive DTS: X.
The difference of Arcam sound
Using audiophile quality components, the Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver delivers quality to match the power. The heart of this Arcam AVR is a toroidal power supply. Unusual for an AV receiver, this type of power supply is generally only found in high-end stereo amplifiers. It helps the AVR deliver a fluid, dynamic sound that works just as well with music as it does with movies.
Network control
With Wi-Fi and an Ethernet option, Arcam AVR20 is easy to connect to the network. Once connected, you can take advantage of a whole host of streaming options, including Google Cast, Apple AirPlay 2, and UPnP (Universal Plug ‘N Play). Link to your control application of your choice and enjoy music streaming services, internet radio, podcasts and even your music collection stored via UPnP.
MusicLife app control
Take full control of streaming music on your Arcam device with the MusicLife control app (now available for Android and Apple iOS devices). Working with the wireless system, it allows you to stream music directly from the device, as well as servers or computers connected via UPnP (Universal Plug n’ Play). The latest version brings Internet Radio, podcasts and streaming from TIDAL and Qobuz. Advanced features such as library search, sorting, shuffling, and replay are also offered.
Bluetooth for fast and easy connectivity
Perfect for parties and when friends are done, Bluetooth provides fast and easy wireless connectivity for your guests  smartphones. Just pair your device and stream any audio from your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth is also useful for areas of your home with uneven wi-fi or for periods of time when your Internet connection might be down.
Internet, DAB and FM: all the radio you need
Internet radio opens access to a selection of hundreds of radio stations from around the world. In support of this up, built-in DAB and FM tuners provide ample access to all your favorite stations, including popular digital stations like BBC 6 Music and 4 extras.
Powerful connectivity
With seven HDMI inputs and three outputs, the AVR20 AV Receiver handles the most complex AV systems. HDMI2. 0B plugs are compatible with HDCP2.2 and eARC, which makes it suitable for use with the latest TV and 4K UHD sources. Six digital and six analog inputs are wide for a wide range of audio components such as CDs, streamers and turntables equipped with preamplifiers. There are also digital and analog optical outputs, ideal for recording or looping audio through Arcam.Arcam AVR20 AV ReceiverHDMI Zone 2 output
Triple HDMI outputs make the AVR20 even more versatile. Use two of the outputs within the same room to connect a TV and projector at the same time. The third HDMI is standalone, making it ideal for sound and viewing in a second room (HDMI2.0B / HDCP2.2 compatible).
Now watch your movies to a home theater masterclass with Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver. Photo: Arcam

Tuner Radio
FM, Internet
Smart Features
App Control
Apple AirPlay
Smartphone control
Analogue RCA Inputs
ARC – Audio Return Channel
Yes – eARC
Audio Outputs
Coaxial Inputs
Headphone Output
AUX Front Input
Optical Digital Inputs
Pre Output
Yes – Up to 16 channels
Sub Output
Sub Output
Surround Sound Channels
5.2.2, 7.2
Wi-Fi Built In
Frequency Response (Hz)
20 – 20,000
Power Output
90 x 7
Power Output – Watts per CH
60 – 99
Dolby Atmos
Dolby ProLogic Surround
Dolby Surround
Internet Radio Services
Yes – Zone 2 (Active/Passive)
Tuner Radio
Energy Consumption
Power Consumption – Normal Use (W)
1500 (Max)
Power Consumption – Standby
Dimensions WxHxD
435 x 171 x 425
Weight (KG)
Remote Control

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