Arcam Solo Uno review: Stylish Streamer with built-in amplifier

Top of the range – Combining a wide range of streaming music options, a built-in amplifier, and sleek design, Arcam Solo Uno has everything you need from a compact, premium music streamer.
Great streaming sound: just add speakers
Arcam Solo Uno combines a high-quality network streamer with a compact amplifier to make the perfect mini streamer amplifier. Versatile streaming solutions cater to high-quality audio components to make it the ideal high-quality system for desktop, studio, kitchen, or any other space that requires a discrete system.
Top rated quality Arcam sound
Optimised for low noise and minimal distortion, this high quality Arcam amp provides the smooth, in-depth sound that you would expect from this world-class hi-fi brand name. Bass is full and sustained, with a lot more weight than you’d expect from this kind of a compact system. The mid-range sounds purely natural and realistic and the top-end is detailed without being unpleasant.

Arcam Solo OnePowerful output
With 25 watts per channel, with a load of 8 ohm and 50 watts per channel with 4 ohm speakers, Solo Uno has abundant power. Compatible with a wide range of speakers, Solo One is able to offer a room filling sound in all spaces except the largest. For additional bass, simply add an active subwoofer of your choice using the secondary output.
AirPlay 2, Chromecast and UPnP: your streaming choice
Connect to your wi-fi network and stream from your music app of your choice. Compatible with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, the player adapts to most music apps available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. If you prefer to stream from your music storage, Universal Plug n’ Play (UPnP) support means it works with a wide range of third-party applications to stream music network effortlessly.
Analog input
In addition to wireless transmission, you can also connect an auxiliary device. The 3.5mm input is perfect for anything from a TV or game console to a turntable with built-in pre-amplifier phono.Arcam Solo OneSleek, lightweight design
At about the dimension of a paperback novel, the Solo Uno normally requires up really little desk or shelf space. What is more, it seems great, as well. Featuring a cast aluminium casing with bi-texture matte/mirror finish, there is little that can touch the system Arcam for design and style. Photo: Arcam

Make the Arcam Solo Uno your number 1 option for high quality, streaming music.

Arcam Solo Uno specs:

Brand    Arcam
Apple AirPlay    Yes
Power Output –   Watts per CH 25 x 2
Analogue Input   3.5mm x 1
Phono Input    No
Optical Digital Inputs    No
USB Input For service updates only
Power Amp In   No
Audio Outputs    No
Pre Output    No
Sub Output    Yes
Headphone Output    No
Speaker Sets    1
Weight (KG)    1.5
Coaxial Inputs    No
Bluetooth    Yes
Internet Radio Services   Yes
Smartphone control    Yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)    140 x 213 x 52
Freq Response (Hz)   10 – 20,000
Wi-Fi Built In    Yes
MQA supported – The Solo Uno features a full MQA decoder, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording in the highest possible sound quality. At this level of playback you are hearing what was created in the studio – with precise file and platform-specific DAC compensation and management.

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