Asus TurboV EVO freeware overclock application

Asus TurboV EVO is a software utility designed for overclocking and monitoring Asus motherboards.

Beginner or enthusiastic, TurboV EVO meets overclockers of any level. Intelligently push systems to faster and more stable clock speeds with automatic adjustment. Turbo Key increases performance with a simple touch, while Turbov offers additional advanced options for breaking logs!

Asus TurboV is a program that will allow you to overclock the processor on some ASUS motherboards. This OC tool allows you to establish new ambitions in the OC phase with an advanced, easy-to-use interface, which allows you to overclock without exiting or restarting your operating system.
The program includes a autotuning feature that allows the user to find the most stable configuration by clicking on a button. During this process, the application tests different scenarios by changing the CPU voltage and other parameters. You can see the status of the operation and decide whether you want to keep the settings.

Overclocking is typically a sensitive operation addressed by experienced users, requiring you to change various parameters and find the optimum combination. You must change the settings manually and remember each change to restore the previous configuration if your system becomes unstable.

ASUS TurboV EVO can help you try different combinations in less time and save the values of the parameters in a profile that you can load with just a few clicks. Although manual adjustment is not recommended for occasional users, you can gain experience by testing different CPU or memory voltage values.

The application interface is easy to understand and allows you to adjust the voltages of the motherboard and apply different profiles with minimal effort. The user can also change the bus profile or the speed via a remote control connected via the Turbokey function.

Overclocking and monitoring – Asus TurboV EVO

Here is some more information about overclocking and monitoring with Asus TurboV EVO:

Overclocking: Overclocking is the process of increasing the clock speed of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) or other components, such as the graphics card, to increase their performance beyond their default settings. Asus TurboV EVO provides a range of tools to help users safely and effectively overclock their systems, including:

  1. CPU Ratio Setting: This feature allows users to adjust the ratio between the CPU clock speed and the base clock speed to increase the overall performance of the CPU.

  2. Voltage Control: Voltage controls allow users to adjust the amount of power supplied to the CPU and other components, which can increase their performance but also increase the risk of overheating or damage to hardware if used incorrectly.

  3. Memory Timing Control: This feature allows users to adjust the timing of their system’s memory, which can increase its performance.

  4. Stress Testing: Asus TurboV EVO includes a built-in stress-testing feature that can help users determine if their system is stable after overclocking.

Monitoring: Asus TurboV EVO also includes a range of monitoring features that allow users to keep an eye on their system’s performance and health. These features include:

  1. Real-time temperature monitoring: The software monitors the temperature of the CPU, GPU, and other components in real-time, which can help users identify overheating issues.

  2. Fan control: Asus TurboV EVO allows users to adjust the fan speed of their system to maintain a healthy temperature range.

  3. Voltage monitoring: The software also monitors the voltage levels of the CPU and other components to ensure they are functioning correctly.

  4. System information: Asus TurboV EVO provides users with detailed information about their system’s hardware, including the CPU model, clock speed, and temperature, as well as the model and speed of the memory and graphics card.

Here are some pros and cons of ASUS TurboV EVO:


  1. User-friendly interface: The software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to access and use all of its features.

  2. Comprehensive overclocking tools: The software provides a comprehensive set of overclocking tools, including voltage controls, CPU ratio settings, and advanced monitoring features.

  3. System stability testing: Asus TurboV EVO includes a built-in stability testing feature that can help users ensure their system is stable after overclocking.

  4. Compatible with most Asus motherboards: The software is compatible with most Asus motherboards, which makes it accessible to a wide range of users.

  5. Real-time monitoring: The software provides real-time monitoring of system temperature, fan speed, and voltage levels, which can help users optimize their system’s performance.


  1. Limited compatibility: The software is only compatible with Asus motherboards, which limits its accessibility to users with non-Asus systems.

  2. Complex overclocking features: The software includes advanced overclocking features that may be too complex for beginners to use.

  3. Potential system instability: Overclocking can potentially cause system instability, which can result in data loss or damage to hardware.

  4. Not updated frequently: The software is not updated frequently, which may cause compatibility issues with newer hardware or operating systems.

Overall, Asus TurboV EVO can be a useful tool for experienced users looking to overclock their Asus system. However, beginners should exercise caution when using the software and be aware of the potential risks involved with overclocking.

Compliance and licensing

ASUS TurboV EVO is licensed as freeware for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system/platform driver without restriction. ASUS TurboV EVO 1.02.34 is available for all software users as a free download here.