Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm – All-in-One water cooling

Exploring at most of their entire product offerings, Be Quiet! is a relatively standard PC peripherals manufacturer. The company is maybe best well-known for for their outstanding selection of PSUs, while they furthermore offer cases, fans, and coolers too. And these days, that of course offers into all-in-one (AIO) CPU liquid coolers also, with their valuable Pure Loop family of coolers. Be Quiet! is a German company that primarily manufactures computer cases, power supply units (PSUs), and cooling-related items. As the company’s label indicates, their products are developed with a special focus on quiet operation.
We are currently taking a look at the 280mm model of the Be Quiet! Pure Loop AIO cooler, which is the 2nd biggest that the company provides, and would seem to be the most preferred dimension for AIO coolers right now.

Be Quiet Pure Loop 280mm
Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm

The primary design and style of the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm AIO cooler seems relatively standard at first view. However if you pay a little bit more attention, there is a important abnormality: the liquid pump is independent and not positioned on the primary cooling block by itself. The block simply assists as a heat exchanger in between the CPU and the cooling liquid, with no moving parts in any way. Be Quiet! relocated the liquid pump to up close to the radiator, as an inline unit. Even though this is probably good for the durability of the pump, and it decreases the noise output by dampening its small vibrations, this method also creates 4 more connection areas. Normally, important joints and some other connection points are the weakest links in AIO cooler design, so the extra points here raise the possibility for mechanical harm.
The radiator is a regular dual-pass cross-flow design, with small fins soldered on thin rectangular tubes. At the bottom area of the radiator, there is one fairly huge screw that serves as a filling port. Working with this requires proper care – the placement of the screw forbids users from undoing it while the radiator is mounted inside of the system, or even the cooler may drain into the system itself. The radiator requires to be located such that the filling port is the top point of the system, then undo-options the screw to add coolant. The series logo design is printed on both sides of the radiator’s frame.

Be Quiet! created the Pure Loop series to be a representation of the company’s values – uncomplicated, sophisticated, powerful, and concentrated on working with the minimum possible levels of noise. From what we have noticed during all of our testing the 280 mm model of the Pure Loop cooler, we consider that the cooler has definitely lived up to those concepts, producing for a significant succeed for Be Quiet!.
Be Quiet! is a company that generally goes with refined designs and the Pure Loop series are no exception to this rule. The Pure Loop 280 aesthetically is very really serious and classy, based on nice and clean, standard geometric shapes and sizes. It would most likely look out of place in an luxurious PC with multi-colored RGB lighting all around it however it will absolutely look fantastic when the visual concept needs to be clean and significant.

Be Quiet Pure Loop 280mm
Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm

The thermal overall performance of the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280 mm cooler is very good, yet as you may perhaps count on for an acoustics-focused cooler, unexcitedly so. It does not do very much better than the majority of some other AIO coolers, and a lot of other products using two 140 mm fans tend to provide better thermal efficiency. As a matter of fact, perhaps even some 240 mm alternatives can thermally do better than the 280 mm version of the Pure Loop.
Nevertheless, when taking noise ranges right into consideration, the tables change significantly. The Pure Loop 280 provided remarkably low noise results, producing for the quietest two-fan cooler ever. And when we plotted that as part of a thermal level of resistance to sound pressure level chart, we could undoubtedly see the Pure Loop 280 going head on with products that cost you twice or 3 times as much. Photo: Be Quiet! video: YouTube/Be Quiet!

In summary, we find that the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280 cooler is an exceptional product. Possibly even with the focus on always keeping noise levels straight down, Be Quiet! has not left thermal performance behind, so the Pure Loop offers a really great balance between thermal performance and acoustics. And they may capable to do all of this while keeping the price tag of the cooler pretty acceptable with the Pure Loop 280 quickly found for less than $110. Taking in thought both the cooler’s performance and that low selling price tag, we can state that the Pure Loop 280 is a extremely fantastic offer for customers who need superb overall cooler performance joined together with an stylish look.

Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm is the brand-new remarkably high-performing and quiet All-in-One water cooling product of be quiet! for price-conscious consumers with overclocked systems.

Remarkably high cooling efficiency
Doubly decoupled pump for quiet operation and minimum vibration
Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM fans mix quiet operation with high air pressure
White LED illumination, all-black design and aluminum-style for unique and trendy look
Easy-to-access refill port and integrated coolant bottle assure a very long lifespan
Adaptable sleeved tubes and a practical installation guarantee easy handling
Nickel-coated coldplate enables ideal use of liquid metal thermal compound
3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Be Quiet Pure Loop 280mm 1 1
Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm
Model Pure Loop 280mm
Dimensions radiator, incl. fan (H x W x D), (mm) 317 x 140 x 52
Total weight (kg) 1.22
Socket compatibility Intel: 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 1200 / 2011(-3) square ILM / 2066; AMD: AM3(+) / AM4
Noise level (dB(A)) @ 25 % / 50% /100% rpm 22.5 / 26.8 / 38.1
Fan model, number 2x Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM high-speed
Pump speed (rpm) 5500
Pump adjustable
Pump connector 3-pin
RGB connector
Tube length (mm) 400
Refill port
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