BenQ V6000 – 4K UHD Laser Projector

Large screen entertainment, without the big TV
With the BenQ V6000 you can now get a large screen, without a large TV or an uncomfortable ceiling projector. This ultra short throw projector is designed to operate at a very short distance to a wall or screen. Simply place it on a stand, shelf or sideboard facing the wall and you’ll have instant entertainment on the big screen, whatever the size of the room. Enjoy an image from 70 to 120 inches, with the projector just inches from the wall.

BenQ V6000

Perfectly measured screen size – every time
With its smart built-in built-in screen size measurement, you get the precise screen size you want, every time. If the projector accidentally moves or slips out of place, simply pull out the measuring device to get the accurate screen size again.

Cutting-edge contrast thanks to the power of laser technology
With laser lighting, through a DLP DMP system from Texas Instruments, the V6000 is at the forefront of projector technology. The power of the laser offers many advantages, the first of which is the image with class-leading contrast levels (3, 000, 000: 1) and color realism. The design should last much longer than a typical projector bulb and provide more consistent performance over its lifetime.

Perfected for home use
With a strong 3000 ANSI lumens brightness figure, the V6000 works well in all room environments. Even in daylight conditions with curtains or blinds open, the BenQ produces a bright and natural image. Now you can enjoy entertainment on the big screen at any time of the day, just like you would with a TV.

Stylish Design with powered’ceiling’
Clean lines and premium finish have already attracted Design Awards. What makes this ultra-short throw Projector stand out is the unique ‘sunroof’ that opens and closes automatically to protect the lens from dust and damage.

HDR brings images to life
With HDR10 and HLG support, the BenQ V6000 is the ideal combination for UHD BLU-ray player and other 4K HDR video sources. HDR not only delivers deeper blacks, brighter whites and brighter colors, but also thinner images. So what looks like an area of solid black on a lower projector is shown to have shadow and texture, never seen before.

Native 4K UHD resolution for eye-catching detail
To take full advantage of HDR10 support, 4K UHD resolution is used. Projecting in this resolution gives detail and realism that is impossible to achieve with conventional Full HD resolution. The 4K UHD resolution is four times higher than conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD projectors and is a difference that can be easily seen on a large projection screen. Amazing details and sharper definition make this the perfect projector for UHD viewing.

Smooth movement
Thanks to the advanced motion estimation of the BenQ V6000, you can see a smoother image. Interpolated frames are generated and displayed between individual frames, helping to eliminate delayed images, nervous reproduction and blurred shadows.

Built-in premium speakers
Most projectors have basic speakers or none. While we always recommend a home theater speaker system, there are times when this is not possible or you just want to watch a soap or documentary without having to turn on the entire system. As with a high-end TV, the V6000 offers premium, built-in speakers. This gives you the convenience of TV-matching for when just to light and watch. TreVolo speakers use a two-way design and are powered by a powerful amplifier for sound that fills the room.

Save space, without losing the bigger picture, with the BenQ V6000.


Optimized for ultra-short throw projectors, the 100-inch BenQ ALR v2 display delivers a large image without most of a large TV.

ALR display material improve UST projectors
The special ambient light rejection fabric used on this screen optimizes the image of ultra-short throw projectors. The projector light is accurately reflected, while the ambient lighting of the room is absorbed by the screen, providing the most natural image quality possible.

TV made 4 times bigger
This 100-inch screen is four times larger than a 50-inch TV. Watching sports, movies or games on a screen of this size makes a big difference in participating in the action that makes you feel.

Wide viewing angle and supports UHD 4K and 3D
Compatible with 4K and 3D UHD signals, the display is the ideal partner for projectors and short-range movies. A wide viewing angle also makes it easy for everyone in the room to get a good view of the action.

Maximize image quality on your UST projector with the 100-inch BenQ ALR V2.


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