Best Tracking Devices for Dogs and Cats – quick review

Best Tracking Devices for Dogs and Cats – quick review

Are you worried of losing your pet? Do you concern compromising their health and well being? Each pet owner really does. The hurry lifestyle and the increasing cases of pet theft and killing have made it essential for the pet owners to choose for devices that can go beyond geographical limitations and physical reach to keep a track on their pets almost all the time.

Technological innovation is just unstoppable. And wearables certainly not only for humans anymore – you can get your pets synced up with the newest devices and gadgets. Generally, there is an growing number of tech and application development companies that are creating wearable cool gadgets for animals and pets, whether to keep track of them through GPS or monitor their health and fitness.

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In this review we’ve rounded up best pet tracking monitoring gadgets with wise look and functionality to clearly show these products off.

Even now in the Pre-Order Step, this connected training collar is accessible in 3 different dimensions. The doggy wearable kits WÜF Pet GPS Tracking CollarGPS tracking alongside with activity tracking. WÜF also comes with two-way audio for keeping in contact with your little friend if he is out of earshot, while a virtual leash will keep your pet from straying too far. The outside is smooth and adaptable, making sure it suits comfortable around any neck, while the inside where the electronics sit is encased in an ultra-stiff, waterproof and long-lasting elastomer.WÜF

WÜF uses GPS, 3g Cellular, Bluetooth and an internal compass to keep tabs on your dog.
WÜF ONE Smart Collar Price: $129.99

PitPatPet-track your dog activities and fitness
If you’re searching for a specific thing that can keep tabs on your pet’s movements, PitPatPet is primarily for you. It is a UK-based Fitbit for pets, which provides an full year of battery life to tracking your dog or cat. Definitely not only this, this fabulous device also makes sure that your pet is getting sufficient exercise. PitPatPet may tell you if it sees any variations in your dog’s active behavior. More importantly, this gadget is totally waterproof and compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.PitPatPet

PitPat suggests an exercise guideline for your dog based on age, breed and measured activity.Just Attach PitPat to collar-Download the free iOS or Android app-See your dog’s activities on your phone. PitPat Dog Activity Monitor Price – £39.99

Garmin Astro 320 – track up to 10 dogs
Track up to TEN dogs at a time, up to 9 miles (T 5) and 4 miles (T 5 mini) away
T 5 or T 5 mini dog devices with top-mounted high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS transmitter with adaptable braided steel antenna.
Compatible with TT™ 15 and TT 15 mini dog devices and collars (for tracking only)
Innovative mapping with optionally available BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and TOPO maps.
As typically as just about every Five seconds, the T 5 and T 5 mini dog devices monitor your dog’s location to your Astro 320 handheld. Via the attractive display, you can see your dog’s current position and a trail of wherever he’s been on the map page. Turn over to the Dog Track page to view a compass pointing to your dog’s position.Astro®

Physical dimensions- 2.4″ x 6.3″ x 1.4″ (6.1 x 16.0 x 3.6 cm)
Weight- 9.2 oz (260.1 g) with batteries
Water rating- IPX7
Battery type- 2 AA batteries (not included); NiMH or Lithium recommended
Display type- transflective, 65-K color TFT
Display size- 1.43″ x 2.15″ (3.6 x 5.5 cm); 2.6″ diag (6.6 cm)
Display resolution- 160 x 240 pixels
Battery life -up to 20 hours (Astro 320)
Memory/history- 1.7 GB
High-sensitivity receiver
Interface-USB Garmin Astro® 320 Price – $599.99 Bundle (Astro 320 handheld and T 5 mini dog device)garminastro

image source:Garmin,PitPat,WÜF

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