Bose QuietComfort 35-brilliant comfort,good battery,excellent playback

After last year’s model QC25, Bose has introduced for this season New QuietComfort 35 headphones, which took the lead in offering headphones.

In terms of design, Bose QC35 is difficult to distinguish from the model QC25 – dimensions are the same, and the oval shape of the resonator. The carrier also is the same as for an elderly relative, a manufacturer states that the aforementioned two models offer the same level of comfort, active suppression of external noise and playback quality, but with a wireless bluetooth connection for the new headsets. Cases resonators are made of high quality plastic which is reinforced with glass fibers, but on the inside are very soft and comfortable pads made of synthetic leather. The carrier is also on the vertical parts of the plastic-lined, but underneath it is a framework of stainless steel, and the top part is set soft coated fine Alcantara upholstery fabric. Typically, the bracket can be adjusted in volume, while the resonators move along two axes, and can be folded when they are placed in the bag.bosequietcomfort-35headset__

Although we are already accustomed to the Bose pretty stingy in releasing technical characteristics, it can be said that the QC35 surpassed themselves – not on the official website, not in the supporting documentation there is no relevant data, we learn only that the weight of the headset is 235 grams. Emphasis is placed on the possibility of headphones, and they are really great. As the main form of connectivity and also the biggest difference compared to the QC25 listed blutut with the addition of NFC technology, but has retained the ability to connect via cable.
In addition, there is a system for active noise reduction environment with optimized equalizer (ANC – Active Noise Cancelling), which provides a balanced sound at all volume levels. The internal battery provides up to 20 hours of use through bluetooth connection, or 40 hours when the headphones are connected to cable. To be complete functionality, the resonators are embedded two external microphone, which enable you to run a phone conversation, and QC35 are compatible with the application Bose Connect.

Regardless of whether the headset is used with cable or wireless system for the elimination of the noise environment is always up to the challenge. Already when you switch headphones before play music, sounds from the outside are almost completely eliminated, a completely disappear when it starts playback. Although QC35 provides extremely good playback quality, we would like to be a system for eliminating noise environment can be excluded – this would allow battery saving when possible, but also to QC35 used as a conventional hi-fi headphones at home. Also, applications Bose Connect provides a quick switch between multiple paired devices, but not allows you to adjust the sound according to the preferences of users, so you will not lose much if you do not use.

As one of the best bluetooth headsets on the market, Bose QuietComfort 35 really give much more – great comfort, high capacity battery and excellent playback quality are just some of the positive traits. It would be nice if the manufacturer in the future integrate the tone controls to an application, which would turn into a truly perfect QC35 headphones for all purposes, and to everyone’s taste.

Robust build quality.
Excellent noise canceling.
The high degree of comfort.
Pleasant and warm sound.

They do not have aptX.

System: Active
Type: closed
Connectivity: bluetooth and mini-jack
Cable: 1.2 m
Weight: 235 g
Price: 450 Euro


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