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Budget Networking – practical tips for success

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Networking remains an essential tool for academic, professional and career progress. Being able to meet new people, grow your networks and conquer the business are key steps to success. But networks can become unpredictable and expensive these days. How can you maximize your efforts without running out of finances? How can you add value to your efforts without compromising quality?

Here are practical tips to get the most out of your activities and growing vital connections.

Create a plan

Many experienced networkers overlook the importance of developing a plan for their networking efforts. A plan simply describes the goals, marketing, and expenses of your activities. It is highly recommended to create a 12-month plan that highlights common expenses that are sometimes overlooked such as: membership fees, gas, parking, travel, meals, business cards/marketing materials. Consider the miscellaneous expenses that may arise.


If you’re starting a great idea it’s to volunteer for membership in clubs and organizations. Request to be a support in order to opt out of registration, registration or associated fees. Take the time to get in touch with the director or administrator of the association and establish an agreement for the benefit of both parties.

Another unique idea for networks is to create your own network group with trusted colleagues and affiliates. This can be a low-cost way to collect, share referrals/leads, and get presentations. The concept is to merge networks and can have great advantages and advantages. Such networks can also extend geographically and online.

Use these tips to overcome the monetary hurdle on your journey to success. Such strategies can ensure the growth of strong networks and meaningful relationships.

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