Building online community – important tips

Building an online community is an important way to build your business online. Online communities usually consist of an information area, members area with a board, maybe a chat room and then some members only resources such as a membership directory, checklists, white papers, eBooks and more.

Determine the technology that will be used

online community

One of the most important aspects of starting an online community is the choice of the technology you will use to build it. There are many options to choose from. Base your choice on your technical knowledge, budget, and the features you want the community to offer.

Choose the niche you’ll focus on

It’s best if the online community you create is based on a target audience and not too widespread. Just as you focus on a niche with your business, focus on the same niche with the community.

Create community-specific content

Once you have a community, it’s important to create community-specific content on a regular basis. Consistency is key to attracting new members and keeping former members satisfied and interested.

Regularly invite new people

You want the new regular members to appear because it keeps the group fresh and brings new questions, thoughts, and conversations.

Be attractive and attentive to your members

Your personality will be demonstrated through the ability to participate regularly in discussions with the community. Let them see how loving you are.

Making it easier for others to promote the community

Start a reference club or affiliate program that allows community members to promote the group to others. Reward them for bringing new members.

Interview members on a regular basis

A great way to add content to the community is to choose a special member every month to highlight and interview. You can do these interviews in podcast form and also put them on iTunes, for another way to promote your community.

Interview with experts in your niche

A great advantage for your community is to be able to learn from vectors, agitators and other experts within your niche.

Promoting community members

From time to time they allow group members to promote their offerings with an annual sale of fires that allows them to benefit from the entire shared community.

Keep the conversation going

Don’t let the community die. Keep the conversation going; volunteers to monitor the group and contribute to the content and discussion.

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