Buying a New TV – A Comprehensive Tips to Get the Best Option

These days, buying a new TV can be a daunting task. This is because there are so many options in terms of types and features. While doing a quick online search of the best TV options, I was bombarded with more questions than answers. At that time, I had to find out if I wanted a plasma, LCD, LED or OLED TV. As if that wasn’t enough, an online retailer sang praises on 4k TV. In fact, this was even more confusing. Fortunately, this guide has been compiled to give you the best advice when you buy a TV in 2019 and more. Cut the jargon and figure out the best attributes to consider before making that crucial order for a new TV.

Types of TVs

It is really useful to know the various types of television on the market today. Right now, Smart TVs are on top. These are just the ones that connect to the Internet. You will be delighted to know that most TVs are now smart. The following is a breakdown of all the major types.

OLED-This is short for the Organic Light Emitting Diode TV. They are known for their high quality images because of their high contrast proportions. They are great if you are looking for that dramatic cinematic experience with your enjoyment. They use LED light to create images. These screens are known to be expensive. If you don’t mind saying goodbye with extra money, this is a good option.

LCD-Liquid crystal displays are cheaper than most televisions. In addition to having a good color screen, they are excellent for saving energy. However, they are known for their ability to display at a limited angle. In General, they are the most common to find, making them a reasonable bargain.

LED-Short for the light-emitting diode, these TVs are very similar to the types of LCD. The only difference is that here, the LEDs are used instead of the liquid crystals. This option does not consume much power over the plasma and the LCD screen. The downside is that you dig deeper into your pocket for them.

Plasma-These televisions will give you dramatic images of high quality and screens. They are great if you want a wider viewing angle. They are known both for the quality of the color and for a high contrast ratio. If you are looking for that big enough TV that will serve a sizable room, this is a great option.

Smart TV-As suggested above, these are televisions that give Internet access for a world of more entertainment. If you’re looking to enjoy services like Netflix, these options are excellent. Some use Ethernet connectors while others use Wi-Fi.

4k televisions-this refers to the resolution capacity of the TV. Sharpness is usually measured or determined through pixels. The most common resolutions are HD or high-definition TVs. There is a better version of sharpness called Full HD. Today, this bar has been set higher by the Ultra HD set giving new meaning to the TV resolutions. The Ultra HD sets are also called 4k TVs.

Key factors to consider when choosing the right TV

All the above types will be equipped with individual specs. However, there are basic elements that should help you decide on the best option as follows:

Screen size

The size of the room or space must determine the actual size of the screen. This is because you want to provide the best graphics for everyone here. Also, budget needs can also determine the size of the screen. 55 inches are very common if you are looking for that screen sound that fits your area. The bigger the screen, the higher the resolution. Therefore, know the specifics to make an informed decision. For budget buyers, anything from 32 inches will serve the purpose.

Update Rates

With a higher refresh rate, you can get a smooth image by reducing motion blur. If you’re into action movies or games, this high speed will give you that seamless entertainment because the images will remain crisp. Check this rate as indicated in Hertz and you will find 60hz at 144hz or more. The higher the rate, the better for you.

Contrast ratio

A low contrast ratio means that the black area of an image may appear as dull gray or washed. When it comes to bright areas, there will be no vigour and for this purpose, the relationship must be satisfactory. The greater the relationship, the better the quality of the images.

HDMI and input connections

Plugs and doors will allow you to do more with your TV. For this purpose, the more ports, the better for you. From game consoles to soundbars, the voices will find many uses. It is recommended that you have at least four HDMI ports. HDCP compatibility is the key for 4k TV buyers.

General tips for buying an online TV

-The information is always fundamental. When shopping, make sure you get all the information available on the product. Please read the specifications provided by your online retailer first. Then look for comments that can give you more information about functionality and quality.

-Looking for cheapest online TV might not give you a value for money. Discover the features of the TV and find out if they adapt to what you have in mind. Sometimes spending a little more for a higher quality will save you money in the long run.

-Testing unconventional signs will not hurt. Many leading brands will sell their products to a premium. Looking for alternatives can save you money and give quality as well.

-Take your time before you buy. Just order it when you are absolutely sure about the product you have found. Feel free to go to offers and discounts. Stay on the lookout for offers that could save you so much on your best choice of TV.


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