Cambridge Audio SX80 – powerful floorstanding speakers

Cambridge Audio SX80

Highly effective bass response
By using two bass woofers and a huge cabinet, the Cambridge Audio SX80s are easy to get your interest. No matter if if you’re into Drum and Bass, full orchestral or rock music turned up to ’11’, the SX80s supply a powerful, room-filling sound that really does justice to the most vibrant music.

The SX-80 speakers from Cambridge Audio offer the power and presence of floorstanding speakers at an exceptional value. Drawing on their years of expertise in the hi-fi industry and utilizing top-notch custom components, Cambridge Audio has designed speakers that deliver a truly immersive musical experience. The SX-80’s crossover is expertly optimized to produce a neutral, smooth, and phase-linear response, resulting in a natural and enveloping soundstage.

Exceptional audio quality – Cambridge Audio SX80

Cambridge Audio SX80 speakers are a fantastic addition to any dedicated hi-fi system or home theater setup, offering exciting realism no matter how they are used. Cambridge Audio’s “Sound First” Philosophy ensures that all of their products are designed to provide exceptional audio quality. The SX-80s boast highly optimized woofer magnet systems for controlled bass and high efficiency, as well as specifically treated paper cones for even frequency response. The silk dome tweeter provides accurate and detailed sound, allowing every beat and line of music and movies to be heard exactly as intended.

The drivers are housed in a rigid MDF cabinet designed with precision CAD technology to minimize standing waves and unwanted cabinet vibration. Dedicated foam dampeners behind the tweeter diaphragm reduce acoustic reflection and deepen the stage depth, resulting in an audio performance that is both accurate and cinematic in scale.

The rear-ported system design and dual 6.5″ woofers produce low bass response down to 40 Hz, while the 1″ silk dome tweeter delivers high-frequency accuracy. The speakers have a sensitivity of 87 dB and an impedance of 8 Ohms. They measure 9.4″ wide, 38.6″ high, and 13.3″ deep, with a weight of 37.3 lbs. each. The Cambridge Audio SX80 speakers offer outstanding value and exceptional audio quality for music and movie enthusiasts alike.

SX80 speakers – Customize the sound

Meant for a well-balanced bass, possibly even at lower volume ranges, the Cambridge Audio SX80 speakers are back ported. If you are using the speakers close to a wall or in a little room, use the plug-in foam inserts to dampen the bass, intended for a far better balanced sound.Cambridge Audio SX80

High quality construction
Manufactured from compacted MDF rather than weak chipboard, the SX80s are created to last. That strong construction also has a knock-on impact in helping to increase the sound quality by way of higher cabinet hardness. Other nice design functions that we love include things like the concave drive units with invisible fixing mounting bolts, making absolutely sure the front the panel looks each and every bit as clean as the sound.
Optimized woofer magnetic systems provide deep, punchy bass
Silk dome tweeter mixes refined presentation with high amounts of fine detail.
Foam damper behind the tweeter diaphragm minimizes reflections and produces a wide, comfortable soundstage. Photo: Cambridge Audio
Two 165mm treated paper cones provides a smooth and even frequency response.
Precisely optimized crossovers for the most neutral, phase linear response.
CAD modelled rigid MDF cabinet minimises standing waves and keeps vibration to a minimum.

While Cambridge Audio SX80 floorstanding speakers are generally well-regarded, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. Here are some cons associated with these speakers:

  • Size and Placement: Due to their floorstanding design, the SX80 speakers tend to be large and bulky. This might pose a challenge if you have limited space or if you’re looking for more compact speakers. Additionally, their size may restrict the possible placement options within your room.
  • Power Requirements: The SX80 speakers have a relatively low sensitivity rating, which means they require more power to achieve optimal performance. If you have a lower-powered amplifier or receiver, you might not be able to fully utilize the speakers’ potential or achieve the desired volume levels.
  • Bass Response: While the SX80 speakers offer decent bass performance, some listeners may find the low-end lacking in terms of depth and extension. If you’re looking for deep, impactful bass, you might want to consider supplementing these speakers with a dedicated subwoofer.
  • Brightness in High Frequencies: Some users have reported that the SX80 speakers have a slightly bright or forward sound signature in the high frequencies. This might result in a more pronounced presence of treble, which could be fatiguing to some listeners, particularly at higher volumes or during extended listening sessions.
  • Limited Finish Options: The SX80 speakers are available in a limited number of finish options, which might limit your ability to match them with your room decor or personal preferences.


Cambridge Audio SX80

Perfect speakers for a home cinema

Along with matching centre and surround sound speakers offered, the Cambridge Audio SX80 is ideal as component of a surround sound speaker system. The huge size and effective sound of these floorstanding speakers can make them excellent for front AV audio speakers. With a very similar sonic balance to the some other SX-series, speakers you get a smooth, uniform sound right the way around your room for a completely covering sound. Cambridge Audio SX80

Cambridge Audio SX80 specs:

DRIVE UNITS  2 x 165mm (6.5’’) woofers 1 x 25mm (1’’) silk dome tweeter
PORTED  1 front
COLOUR   Black Matte
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD)   240 x 980 x 338mm (9.4 x 38.6 x 13.3″)
WEIGHT   16.9kg (37.3lbs) each

The ideal speakers for ability to hear the larger picture, the Cambridge Audio SX80s simply just can’t be skipped.

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