Capture HD videos or Images – Great tool Screenpresso

Screenspresso is a desktop video recording application that can still take screenshots and record videos on the desktop.

The real screen-setting interface and configuration is quite easy and simple. Icons and featured text provide an easy way to record tasks, edit images, and post snapshots online with Dropbox, Evernote, Email, and Imgur.

If you use Screenspresso as a video capture tool, you can do so when saving the video format such as MP4, WMV, WEBM or OGV. If you’re creating images, the issue supports the most common formats like PNG, JPG, and GIF.Screenpresso-tool

As with most video capture tools, Screenspresso can capture some regions of the screen or even the entire screen if desired. Captured images and videos can be manipulated by blending areas, adding text, zooming in and adding different shapes.

In terms of memory and CPU usage, Screenspresso is a bit heavy, but its feature set is very useful and therefore not a bad choice for video capture; Although simple image screenshots have some good freeware alternatives available. Get Screenpresso

Screenpresso can capture screen activity and capture videos online.

Features and highlights


  • Capture screenshots
  • Capture scrolling part of the screen
  • Capture as HD video files
  • Includes a built-in image editor
  • Works with both still images and video
  • Screenpresso includes a history
  • Screenshots may be shared with social networking friends
  • Share videos created with Screenpresso on YouTube
  • Application is completely portable
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