February 23, 2018

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Keep your Wi-Fi network secure-Security Tips

You don’t want neighbors stealing your Wi-Fi more than you want them to steal water, or electricity. In fact, it’s more serious than that: if someone can connect to your network, it makes it easier for them to snoop on their browsing and their locally stored files. How are you going to close things? Luckily, keeping visitors not pleasant away …

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Pay attention to these things when you buying a tablet


Each class of people uses this device; Professionals, business people, students take this device as their regular tool. The best tablet is the perfect choice to use the Internet, reviewing emails, watching movies and many more. This small device can provide both PDA and laptop opportunities. When you consider the cost; Surely you will be surprised to notice your lower …

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Guide-How To Set Up a Wireless (WiFi) Network?


This post will explain how to connect your laptop or desktop to your wireless network (WiFi). This way, you can surf the Internet without the need for cables. In order to use a WiFi connection, you must already have a router or Internet modem available. These devices will allow the transmission of information, acting in the role of “sender”. This …

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How to fix a lot of Netflix streaming issues


In cases where Netflix streaming issues stop you from enjoying your show you may possibly see terrible quality video or it may just take a very long period to actually start the show. This is probably because of to a poor internet connection. This may happen at your home, but it is also pretty common when on a shared Internet …

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Top browsers review-speed,unique features,security…


Some of the major browsers available in the market.Take a look. Firefox Mozilla developers are always offering products that represent the open web concept. They always try to keep the standards of their product and versions. Firefox, Mozilla’s web browser, has always upheld these standards and has given a true mobile experience to its users. All the features in Firefox …

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How To Protect Your Files From Ransomware ?

crime ransomware

You have probably heard of viruses and malware. These dangerous pieces of software can make their way into your computer and wreak havoc. Malware authors are intent on stealing your data and disrupting the proper functioning of your digital devices. Then there is ransomware. This is crafted by cyber-criminals for extorting data from innocent users, and is rapidly becoming a threat …

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Home Security System- Different benefits

Home Security System

Security could be established according what is required. And this is a very important thing to think about. And investing in these options could also be very necessary. When you want to properly secure your home and the current space you are staying at, then it might be essential to decide with the help of proper systems. It will be …

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Sahifa V5.6.5 – Responsive WordPress theme[free download]


Sahifa is one of the best website themes in the world. This fantastic product offers many incredible features, each added in order to enhance your web page. It manages to balance power and beauty, resulting in a high-quality browsing experience for all users. Many websites have to choose between complexity and accessibility, given that their layout cannot adapt to the …

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Several ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection


Getting sick and tired of downloading some significant data files or connecting with your valued clients using the office Wi-Fi? The workplaces that we work in these days are very much dependent on the Internet and ultimately the routers that we use to enable its connection. To hold the daily operations up and running, a fast Wi-Fi connection is the …

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Useful tools – Windows Accessories,fantastic small applications

Windows Accessories

The Windows 8 operating system comes along with many small programs, known as Windows accessories, already installed and completely ready to go. Found in earlier editions of Microsoft Windows,accessories are useful tools to have around for performing easy tasks, such as calculating with Calculator, or creating a word processing document with WordPad. You can view all the Windows accessories using …

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How to keep your router or Wireless connection secure?

router secure

The very first thing you must do when you buy and install a wi-fi router in your home is to secure it. Many people ignore to do so because they are often too lazy and they think that sharing their Internet connection is a respectable thing or they are technically challenged and do not understand what to do. <b><span style="background-color: …

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Meaning of different kinds of file formats-easy guide

file formats

You can make all types of different files on your PC; each kind of software program you use gives different types of file formats. For illustration,a word processing app will allow you to create document formats,while a graphics program creates graphic file formats.A file format is how information is encoded and stored to the file. The file format can determine …

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How to delete all data from your hard drive-Windows 7/10 ?

erase all data hard drive

Easy tips – Erasing the hard drive data and reinstalling Windows Info Notice: Keep in mind that using the steps below will erase all of the data on your hard drive and make it just like brand new. Once the actions below have been finished, you will not be capable to reverse the steps if you want to recover possible …

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Battery-powered devices and air travel-a few safety tips for you

battery safe thumb

Airplane passengers carrying the usual assortment of phones, cameras, tablets and e-readers are well within the airline industry’s safety limit for lithium-ion batteries of 100 watt-hours for each device. That figure measures how much energy the battery can hold, as well as how much energy it can deliver over time. Given the potential for lithium-ion batteries to catch fire, the …

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Recovery Tips For Damaged Hard Drives

HardDrive Recovery

Hard drives are combination of a circuit board and numerous movable parts and therefore they are quite complex. In case of recovery of hard drive data, one must be sure if the problem is hard drive itself that hinders your access your data. Problems regarding faulty circuit boards or the actuator arm are the most common problems that can occur. …

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