Chedot – free, fast and safe browser

Chedot is a free browser for Windows that has a cache of useful features available. The software allows you to download files at a high speed, almost doubling the speed. The application also has other useful features, such as a built-in antivirus, faster page loading, and secure calling features.
Download up to times faster
Using Chedot browser is a great way to speed up downloads, whether it’s files for a project or a new game. It is worth installing the browser only for this feature, as it can increase the speed up to twice. However, this internet download manager still requires a decent online connection and doesn’t always work as it should when set up.
Quick loading of web pages
Along with an increase in download speed, Chedot browser loads web pages faster than many alternative browsers. This difference in buffer time is very noticeable when watching online videos or uploading PDF documents. However, this upload speed will not affect browser-based games or uploading social media posts.ChedotFree downloads
Chedot has another download tool that allows you to get videos and music for free. Although this feature is useful, the file size can become large. Fortunately, this download size is countered by the increase in download speed.
In addition to being a good browser with any feature, Chedot includes an antivirus that keeps you safe while browsing online. This feature is extremely useful, but you should not replace your regular antivirus software. Unfortunately, this prevention tool is not of great quality like other products.
For this software to work in conjunction with Windows Defender or other alternatives, you must set an exception for the application in the settings. This solution is boring, but ensures that the equipment is protected.
Safe and secure browser
Chedot uses more than just antivirus to keep your online presence safe. The app has its own tools that support any call and message made away from prying eyes. This privacy and security tool is another unique feature that you should have available.
Useful but unreliable
Chedot is a practical browser with many features that sets it apart from alternatives. However, other popular applications, such as Opera, Chrome and Firefox, are more reliable. The software is a great option to install if you download a lot of files from the Internet. Photo:Chedot

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