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Admin June 26, 2019
Updated 2019/06/26 at 2:10 AM
Avast Cleanup

Since computers became mainstream, consumers have been looking for ways to accelerate them. If you’re a business user or a regular PC user, you’d probably want to know how to clean your machine and make it work better and faster. Many programs and tools have promised to do just that over the years, but most have been completely useless – if not totally malware or spyware. Fortunately, there’s Avast Cleanup. It really offers itself as promised.

Avast, of course, is not a new company. He’s been one of the biggest names in cyber-security for years. Its antivirus products have always been considered by experts among the best. Now, it offers this useful premium tool to help optimize your PC’s performance.

It can be very irritating to see that you are running out of disk space. Instead of having to decide which programs to uninstall, just use this cleaning tool to remove tons of leftover junk files from apps, browsers and Windows itself. There are literally hundreds of popular apps that are programmed to remove useless garbage from.

There are a variety of features such as sleep mode, which is a proprietary tuning method that involves putting all the drainage resources of the programs into hibernation to help the team feel new again. The browser cleaner removes the remaining cookies and navigation tracks from all possible browsers, including IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Additional Avast Cleaning Specs and Tools

– Shortcut cleanup

– Disk cleaner

One-click maintenance

– Registry Cleanup

– Tuning dashboard and action center

Deleting bloatware

Premium is available for 1, 2 or 3 years for 1, 3, 5 or 10 PCs. There is an option to include Avast Driver Updater and/or Avast SecureLine VPN (multi-device) in the order.

The good news is that you don’t need to order Premium right away, as a free trial is available to download, install and try.

Please note that Avast Cleanup is VERY thorough. It is programmed to analyze and clean various parts of your computer: Internet cache, old downloads, temporary files, memory dumps, unused cookies and even Chkdsk file fragments. It is surprising in the amount of data that all this can add up a. When there is ample space on the hard drive, it is easier for the PC to work better and faster.

We recommend that you make the most of the free Avast Cleanup trial period. Try all its features to make sure you really clean your computer and give it a good “fit”.   photo:Avast

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