Compact SUV – Audi Q5 with Allroad’s Quattro Ultra technology

The new Audi Q5 has grown in almost every direction: wheelbase, knee- and headroom,as well as luggage and utility space. A mix of lightweight materials, among which Audi’s structural staple, aluminium, plays an integral part, and the new Q5’s kerb weight has been reduced by as much as 90 kg over
its predecessor.

2,0 TDI 120 kW
2,0 TDI 140 kW
3,0 TDI 210 kW
2,0T FSI 185 kWaudiq5__

The new Audi Q5 compact SUV places efficiency front and centre.The new body design boasts a class-benchmark
drag coefficient of just 0,30, with the inclusion of the new A4 Allroad’s Quattro Ultra technology, which disengages
drive to the rear wheels to reduce mechanical drag, realising a 0,3 L/100 km saving on its own. Ultra technology
will be offered in four-cylinder models, while six-cylinder models will feature Quattro with a centre-locking diff as
standard and a sport diff as an option.

The Q5 borrows radar-assisted driver-assistance systems from the Q7, including collision-avoidance assist-helps steer the
car around an obstacle- turn assist -brakes the car during a slow turn if oncoming traffic
cuts across-and traffic-jam assist -semi-autonomous steering and braking.audiq5-1__ audiq5___1

A new five-link suspension setup, both front and rear, will strike a neat balance between
fleet-footedness and comfort. An optional adaptive air-suspension system will also be offered.