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UltraViewer is an amazing software if you need a remote control for one or more computers. You can connect with a unique ID and password to provide support or to control devices. A great alternative to TeamViewer, it is a software that works very fast and very easy to use interface without many options or hidden buttons.

Connecting to a remote computer is a part of everyday work for many people. Some use it to provide support to their customers, while others use it for work. Sometimes, you can also use it to provide support to your friends who might be stuck with something on their computers. This is when you will use the remote software.UltraViewerSUPPORT ALL VERSIONS OF WINDOWS
Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, Window Server

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One of those pieces of software is UltraViewer. It is an application that will allow you to connect to a remote computer using a unique identification number and password.

It allows fast and secure connections that allow you to control the remote computer and perform various tasks on it. It is easy to use and very professional.

Connecting to remote computers
The basic capability of Ultra Viewer is the ability to give you the power to control a remote computer. After a quick and easy installation process, you can access the main application window. You will see two different ways to use this application: you can connect to another computer or allow another user to connect to the computer. In both cases, if you choose to use this application, you must use a unique identification number and password, which each user has. Photo: UltraViewer

There is also a chat window that allows you to easily communicate with the person you are working with. It is probably better to communicate with voice chat in this case, as it allows faster and more effective use.

Manage the remote computer
When you connect to the remote computer, you will have full control over it. This means that you can do almost any task, and you can also select Hide the other person’s screen if you want.

UltraViewer is one of the best software that will allow you to connect to remote computers.

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