Curved Samsung CHG90 Unique Gaming Monitor

This unique 49-inch monster is for all those who want to take all their gaming practical experience to the next stage.
Monitors do not get any larger than Samsung’s giant 49in CHG90 QLED curved gaming monitor. It’s so huge that it didn’t actually suit on our desk when We unboxed its massive frame from the surf board sized package it arrived in. The size of the Samsung CHG90 and its stand, if you are wondering, are 1203mm wide, 525mm high and 381mm deep. Regardless of the dimension of the screen, unboxing it easy and fixing the stand is a piece of cake.
Connecting it up to your gaming device is just a matter of choosing between HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.3. There is a neat modesty panel for the ports at the rear and the stand has a hole to perfectly thread cables through. The Samsung CHG90 exudes high quality, with an incredibly strong stand with swivel, height modification and tilt support, as well as sleek materials on the display’s exterior. The backside also has a USB 3.0 hub, and a 3.5mm head-phone out – convenient taking into consideration your PC is quite possibly not going to be that close to this display.

Samsung’s focus to fine detail on the CHG90 goes on with the on-screen display, which often is easy to use and full of functions, like as picture by picture, regards to the CHG90’s 3840×1080 resolution that works out to be precisely two 1080p monitors side by side. The bottom part of the display also has three buttons where you can store pre-set choices, so your many frequently used features are just a quick tap away, instead of sorting via a menu each time.

Color precision on the panel is pretty good, with 120% sRGB and 92% Adobe RGB out of the box thanks to manufacturer calibration. Certainly not that you’d get the CH90 to do pro colour work though. Samsung states it supports HDR, which implies it supports a lot of the DCI-P3 colour space. Regrettably, it doesn’t do properly with the Rec.2020 colour space, which is what nearly all games consider HDR. Whilst it’s much better than most regular monitors, it’s not going to look as great as Samsung’s flagship QLED television models. Games do look far more rich and vibrant nevertheless.

The only actual disadvantage to this monitor is the image resolution. For this kind of a large screen, the resolution is really low, at “just” 3840×1080, resulting in a really typical 81.41 pixels per inch. If you are not sitting too close, it is not a problem, but at the standard distance you sit from a pc monitor (around arm’s length), things seem blocky and web-browsing-productivity is uncomfortable.

Viewing angles are little bit of a difficulty as well, except if you are dead middle. For this monitor’s main use, gaming, it’s not that big of an problem, as smack bang in the center of this excellent curved beast is just where you belong. But if you are using it as a TV SET, with other people around, image level of quality goes down rapidly.

Combine the Samsung CHG90 along with a rapid graphics card, switch off the lights, turn your speakers up, fire up your preferred FPS and all that nit-picking immediately fades away. There is definitely no question that this monitor, when used for what it’s made for, is almost sensational. The refined curve wraps around your head, filling up your peripheral vision with 49-inches of excellent pixels. If you have the money and want to create the supreme machine, you’ve got to find yourself a Samsung CHG90.

Samsung CHG90 specs: 49-inch diagonal size – 32:9 aspect ratio – 1800R curve – 144Hz refresh rate – VA-panel type – 1ms MPRT response time – 3840×1080 resolution – FreeSync – 2x HDMI 2.0 – DP & Mini DP – headphone out