DIY – Clean A Laptop Screen at Your Home

DIY – Clean A Laptop Screen at Your Home

In general, almost every smart electronic product requires cleaning maybe every day or week, but for the laptop more than that. Since the laptop screen is a very fragile component, so be more careful than a normal PC.
That’s basically how protected the immaculate laptop/computer screen, laptop case and keyboard, touchpad and others, etc. are protected. Some are protected, like cleaning your laptop screen stain when it came out? Believe me, if you’re a DIY-er? Something in the fence or at home that can have a cleaning solution very easily and even without screen damage.

Clean A Laptop Screen
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WARNING: “Isopropyl is typically a flammable liquid alcohol. Never spray directly on the LCD digitizer. Always keep in mind that never come for the cleaning solution while your laptop or computer is running out.”

A key tips before the screen is cleaning

When you’re ready to keep your laptop screen clean, everyone knows it’s no less than an uphill battle. So, make sure that your laptop/computer is not in working mode when you are going to give a bezel cleaning solution, a touch screen digitizer, you need nothing but a clean cloth and cleaning solution. There should be no bad idea to plug in the adapter power cord and tap the power button on the laptop. and wait until you turn it off completely and remove the battery, after removing the battery it may seem completely low and keep in mind your approach always should be wary than sorry.

What things are urgent for the cleaning solution:

Isopropyl alcohol
Water (Distilled)
A soft cotton cloth
A bottle sprayer


Notes/Warnings: “NEVER use this isopropyl alcohol to drink and stay away from children (under 12). Any drunk child in blue. It’s a great opportunity to get sick and you have to have a stomach ache.

Some of the line-of-business laptops, you need to be more cautious and come up with a premium order cloth, which is a great soft, dry, lint-free cloth it will make. if in case of lack of security, test yourself in a small area of the laptop screen.
What to avoid:
You should never use hard towels, Maybe it is not suitable on the screen and can scratch the screen. Another thing that moves you away from paper towels. It is made of wood so you can damage the screen or digitizer and even, not 100% recycled. Don’t try to do that. And to cleaning the laptop screen, you need to avoid LCD screen cleaning products containing ammonia ethyl alcohol, alcohol for human consumption; toluene, acetone or ethyl acetate and be, etc. and another important thing to avoid normal water to clean the LED screen.

The cleaning solution:
Take a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and a bottle of distilled water. Dilute it correctly in a certain percentage. it is not necessary to dilute perfectly, but as close as possible it is good [Isopropil Alcohol(50%)+ Distilled water (50%)]. Before, washing your hand and cleaning your fingerprint before you start the screen cleaning.

Kindly make sure you don’t try spraying directly on the digitizer : it can be very harmful to the screen or it can damage small particles inside the screen, you need to have a small cotton cloth and diluted spray. Note that press the spray a little on the cotton cloth, then urgently rub the LCD digitizer.

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