Drive more FPS, ASUS GPU Tweak II – GPU tweaking software

ASUS GPU Tweak II is a freeware GPU tuning software application stored in video settings and made available by ASUS for Windows.
GPU Tweak II has two user interfaces, simple mode and professional mode, that allow you to quickly monitor preset and custom profiles and increase GPU settings for the game. In addition to some advanced settings in the GPU configuration for optimal performance.ASUS GPU Tweak IIThe big test of any graphics card is the number of frames per second it can produce in the game you buy it to play, according to ASUS GPU Tweak. With only one click in the application, you can increase your frame rate and maximize your gaming performance. The user-friendly interface of ASUS GPU Tweak II puts important features at your fingertips. And the best part is that you can click once to access all of it immediately, even while playing the game.

Gamers may select a gaming profile and increase performance with just one click thanks to the overlay’s controls for GPU Tweak II, which also contains settings for GPU clock speed, temperature, and VRM usage. For competent overclockers, sophisticated settings are still available. Higher performance is boosted by precise modifications to the voltage and VRM clock.

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ASUS GPU Tweak II includes these default energy saving and saving profiles of the ASUS game:

System requirements:

AMD GPU Series 7000 or higher

GPU series NVIDIA 600 or higher

Microsoft ® 32/64-bit® 10/8/8.1/7

Installing GPU Tweak II

1. Make sure that you have installed the ASUS graphics card and its driver. If not, see the ASUS graphics card user’s guide for more information about installing the driver.

2. Locate the ASUS GPU Tweak II driver folder and double-click the setup.exe file to start the installation.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Launch GPU Tweak II

1. Double-click the SETTING GPU icon on the desktop.

2. Click > > ASUS > GPU to start the program.

ASUS GPU Tweak 2 has real-time graphics to demonstrate different parts of a graphics card, from the clock speed at which the graphics card is run to the GPU voltage. GPU clock, memory clock, GPU temperature (C), gpu percentage fan speed and memory usage, which is crucial to know if you are a PC enthusiast who likes to know these things.ASUS GPU Tweak IIASUS GPU Tweak II also has three pre-made profiles. That’s useful in the sense that these are predefined and classified as ‘safe’ to run for those safe overclockers who don’t want to risk a few hundred encases that brick their GPU.

The silent mode is when you’re not doing anything GPU intensive, and you don’t want your PC to be running hard you can perform this within a task. It’s dropping your fans to 0, however, this means that the graphics card is going to work a little hotter in the meantime. However, you can enjoy, whatever you are doing in silence.


– Multipurpose utility: As mentioned above, this is a multipurpose utility. Save time and worry. Normally you should download multiple apps to do what it does; that could create conflicts with each piece of software, etc. By downloading this by yourself, you don’t have to worry.
– Multiple pre-made profiles: This comes with three pre-made profiles so that users who are not sure overclocking, etc. can make overclocks/accelerators with one click.
– Respectable brand: Of course, instead of downloading a third-party application you can install this from a well-known manufacturer around the world. Photo:Asus


– Adjust tensions (Overclocking): Likewise any utility that allows overclock this is dangerous. You can break the graphics card. We never recommend overclocking unless you know what you’re doing.
– Software powered on your system: ASUS GPU Tweak II has power on your system. It can close applications, exit services, and so on.

Download free ASUS GPU Tweak II here


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