Eco-friendly cars – Ethanol-Fueled Car Engines

It is now easier than ever to adopt environmentally friendly driving practices and “Green ” and save some money. We’re talking about biofuels! Ethanol-powered cars have recently made an impressive introduction to the automotive market. This is because they are a wonderfully viable alternative and cheaper to gasoline engines and vehicles. Although they are quite similar to gasoline-powered vehicles, ethanol engines are different because they are able to use Bio-Fuel. This is what makes them a fantastic choice for driving and traveling with eco-friendly.

Do you want to move to a flexible fuel vehicle or a hybrid car? If so, then catch up with the information on ethanol fuel is in your best interest! Better get ready for what you can expect from a bio fueled vehicle! Continue reading for more information about the ethanol fuel and automotive engines.

Fuel Ethanol

Ethanol is essentially an alcoholic fuel. It is extracted from the plants, such as corn and sugar cane, and then refined into an alcohol. This alcohol is fuel ethanol! Ethyl alcohol fuels are known for their high level of power and performance, a higher torque and better power; That’s why several national racing teams use it for cars5c05a81

It can be used to feed ethanol engines, hybrid cars, Flex-Fuel engines, and other vehicles as well! It works the same way as gasoline by injecting fuel directly into the engine. It is cheaper than standard Oil-based fuels, and produces substantially less air pollution than gasoline when burned. There are some disadvantages of ethyl alcohol fuel, such as the fact that you get a little less gas mileage. But this is fought with cheaper fuel costs!

The use of fuel ethanol has gone up the charts, drastically, over the last twelve years. It was recorded that the use of ethanol fuel in 2001 was about 1.7 billion gallons, while only a few years ago (2013) exceeded the 13 billion! Many gas stations now offer fuel to ethanol as an option. It is a wonderful alternative to gasoline because it produces less air pollution and costs less to fill a tank. Although the gas mileage is not the best, the ethyl fuel is a fantastic start to ecological awareness and productivity. We have to expect many vehicles to run on ethanol-based fuels in the future!

Key differences between ethanol and Gasoline(petrol):

Ethanol comes from corn. The gas comes from the fossils.
Ethanol is a more environmentally friendly fuel option.
Ethanol is soluble in water and biodegradable.
Ethanol can only be used in specially designed vehicles.

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