Elegant Lenovo YOGA 730 – support Cortana, Alexa, Active Pen 2 …

There is a rather premium feeling for the entire YOGA 730 machine, which extends to the bright and vibrant IPS screen. It’s quite bright and thoughtful-although it could have been up to the aggressive show lights of the MWC-and there are some serious bevels going on, but this is an undeniably appealing piece of kit.

As with other models of Yoga, the hinge means that you can use the 730 either as a laptop or flipped as a tablet, along with almost any orientations in between until you can find a way to get it lift.

With the smaller 1.12 kg model, it is a fairly friendly weight for portable use, but 15in watches version up a plus 1.55 kg-don’t expect to use this one-hand thing, even in tablet mode.

In portable mode, the keyboard is convenient to use-not the best around, but there is a good trip to the keys and they are not too clicked. The trackpad is also great and very sensitive. There is also a fingerprint sensor just below the keyboard, which you can use to access and make safe payments from PayPal.


The main feature of the Yoga 730 is the support of Smart Assistant, with Lenovo baking not only short of Microsoft, but also Alexa of Amazon-a clever attempt to attract anyone who already has an Echo device or two in their home.

To make smart wizards work, Lenovo has built in four far field microphones so you can talk through your choice of Alexa or Cortana on the other side of the room, as well as with a standard smart speaker.

In our tests the laptop has done a good job of picking up our voice, and the integrated application of Alexa allows you to access all the Alexa commands and the usual skills.

IPS touch screen is available in HD or 4k, and works with Lenovo Active Pen 2-bundled with the laptop in most markets, but sold separately in North America-which means that a high spec model could be a very good Contender for those looking for a laptop convertible for creative work, while even a more budget-friendly setup could satisfy anyone who just wants to be able to doodle.


The audio also has to be strong(360° sound), although we haven’t been able to properly test it. But the built-in JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos headphone support suggest that the Yoga 730 should sound pretty good.

This is a very good incremental upgrade of the Yoga line that takes what was already big enough-the design, the quality of the construction, and the high-level spec options-and adds the latest Intel chips and Alexa support.

Specs Lenovo Yoga 730:

13.3in or 15.6in Full HD (1920×1080) or UHD (3840×2160) IPS touchscreen
Windows 10 Home
4/8/16GB (13″) or 8/16GB (15″) RAM
128/256/512GB (13″) or 256/512GB/1TB (15″) SSD storage
Optional Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (15in only)
2 Thunderbolt USB-C ports (13in) or 1 (15in)
1 USB-A 3.0 port (13″) or 2 (15″)
HDMI (15″ only)
3.5mm audio jack
DC charging port (15″ only)
307x216x14.1mm (13in) or 360x249x17.2mm (15″)
1.12kg (13″) or 1.89kg (15″)

Photo : Lenovo