Emotiva XMC-2 – 16 Channel AV Processor

Emotiva XMC-2

Emotiva XMC-2 Dolby Atmos 16 channels and DTS:X AV processor offers virtually all the RMC-1’s remarkable audiovisual performance except for some of the very advanced and optional extra features that convey substantial cost reduction to the user.
Degree of audiophile
The XMC-2 delivers groundbreaking audio and video performance to a larger segment of Hi-Fi music and home theater enthusiasts. Like the RMC-1, the XMC-2 is a state-of-the-art AV processor designed to act as a control center for a modern home theater or surround sound system. The perfect 18Gbps bit video switches deliver the highest image quality of the latest HDR and Dolby Vision 4k UHD discs, while advanced audio decoding engine and hardware deliver audiophile sound performance.Emotiva XMC-2 Dolby Atmos 16 channels and DTSX AV processor

Performance of the RMC-1 blends the latest immersive formats based on Dolby Atmos and DTS:X objects with sound quality that rivals authentic audiophile stereo components and a selection of advanced home theater features and high-quality sound systems. The Emotiva XMC-2 caters to music fans who don’t need all the advanced features and performance of the RMC-1, but at a drastically lower price that makes it much more affordable.
The XMC-2 is designed to deliver high-quality stereo or multichannel sound. The fully balanced reference stereo texture is combined with the reference stereo mode to make this impressive choice for stereo sound. Audiophile-grade, the Verita AKM4490 DACs (digital to analog converters) operate in fully balanced mode on 16-output channels, making it equally impressive in home theater mode.
Balanced XLR outputs
For the highest quality signal transfer, the Emotiva XMC-2 uses 16 XLR outputs. More generally, in studies, XLR balanced sockets offer excellent noise resistance and a “locked” connection for lower distortion and a safer connection.Emotiva XMC-2Selectable operating mode
Five selectable modes offer the best balance between sound quality and control. Stereo mode and surround mode use dedicated bass management and room correction settings for optimized sound. Direct mode minimizes processing, but maintains bass management. The reference stereo mode is the purest stereo mode without the bass management used.
Dirac Live, for the best sound in your room
To get the best sound from your room, the XMC-2 includes Dirac Research’s powerful room correction technology. This uses a microphone and dedicated software to perform multiple readings in your room and return the information to the amplifier for a fully tailored response (professional configuration recommended).

The Room EQ Wizard is a widely-used free software program that enables users to conduct various measurements on their audio system, analyze the results, generate different reports and graphs, and compute correction parameters to be used with a parametric equalizer. With REW, one can import correction filter settings into the XMC-2 and export XMC-2 filter settings directly to REW. The XMC-2 employs a standard XML file format to import and export parametric equalizer filter settings, allowing for easy exchange with REW, manual editing, or later analysis.

The XMC-2 boasts the most advanced automatic room correction system, the latest version of Dirac Live™, which is suitable for both audiophile and home theater systems. Dirac Live conducts a series of measurements and uses advanced mathematics to calculate a set of filters that correct the frequency and time domain response of one’s room and speakers. This results in an accurate, clear sound reproduction, with excellent rendition of transients and a cohesive sound stage, even in less than ideal rooms.

Aside from manual parametric equalizers, the XMC-2 also provides convenient Tone Controls, which include fully configurable turnover points for both Bass and Treble Controls. These Tone Controls are available both as temporary adjustments (Tone Trims) and as persistent controls that remain set until changed. The Tone Controls and Tone Trims operate independently of each other and can be used in conjunction with either Dirac Live or the Manual EQ Presets enabled.

Enjoy fully immersive sound, with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
Bringing the cinema home, the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X set-top boxes deliver truly immersive sound through the ceiling or kitchen speakers. The Emotiva XMC-2 offers both systems, offering Dolby Atmos up to 9.1.6 and DTS:X up to 7.1.4.
Broad connectivity
With eight HDMI inputs and two outputs, the Emotiva XMC-2 manages the most complex AV systems. HDMI2.0b sockets support HDCP2.2, so it’s suitable for use with the latest HDR and Dolby Vision TVs and 4K sources. Seven digital and 3+1 analogue inputs are wide for a wide range of audio components, such as equipped PRE-AMPLABLE CDs, streamers and turntables. There are also digital and analog optical outputs, ideal for recording or recording looping sounds through the processor.
Advanced hardware
Based on the same complex hardware platform developed for the XMC-1 and RMC-1, Emotiva XMC-2 combines dynamic new processor technology with meticulous analog circuit design for the best possible audio playback. Emotiva’s patented operating system guides the menu system and sophisticated control logic. The XMC-2 shares the RMC-1’s 4k HDR and Dolby Vision UHD video switching capabilities along with full sixteen-channel decoding and excellent Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio processing.
The Emotiva XMC-2 uses AKM AK4490 DAC chips that provide sixteen fully balanced audio output channels. This fully differential stereo DAC chip offers the highest quality mono mode for three-channel front DACs, while the remaining channels operate in normal stereo differential mode.
OLED screens
The XMC-2 uses a high-quality graphical OLED display and works with conventional control buttons. It does not have the three rear panel expansion slots offered by the RMC-1 and uses standard RCA connectors instead of RCA connectors mounted on audiophile panels. If you want state-of-the-art AV performance in a surround sound processor that works just as well in an audio-quality audio system, all on a budget, the XMC-2 is perfect for you.Emotiva XMC-2Flexible options
The XMC-2 supports a wide variety of audio sources, including HDMI audio, analog audio, AM and FM radio, S/PDIF digital audio and USB PCM, as well as dual-speed dual-speed DSD digital audio. The standalone selection of the audio input is available for each video input, as well as a second audio zone with separate DAC and source selection. This can track the main zone or be set to use a separate digital or analog audio input. Supports up to three individual subwoofers with independent level, distance, room correction, and equalization settings for each.
Versatile control
Control is possible via a full-size computerized aluminum infrared remote control with discrete buttons for HDMI input selection, cutting settings, and other key functions. Remote control apps are available for Apple and Windows computers and Android phones. Four flexible trigger outputs can be configured independently to activate amplifiers or other trigger-enabled equipment. Photo: Emotiva 

Emotiva XMC-2 Key Features & specs

– True Audiophile Sound Quality
– Designed to deliver superb sound quality
– Fully balanced Reference Stereo signal path
– Audio decoding for latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
– Decodes Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
– Supports stereo and surround sound PCM digital audio
– Native support for DSD digital audio via HDMI
– Supports single/double rate stereo DSD via USB
– Audiophile grade AKM4490 Verita DACs
– Fully balanced Mono mode for three front main channels
– AKM5572 Verita ADCs on analog inputs.
– Hardware based ASRCs between DSP for high jitter
– Digitally controlled precision ALN volume controls
– High performance digital AM/FM tuner  Video: Emotiva YouTube

Brand    Emotiva
Colour    Black
USB     3 (2 for service updates only)
Weight (KG)    10
Component    No
Remote Control    yes
Coaxial Inputs     3
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)    432 x 394 x 95
DTS:X     Yes
Analogue RCA Inputs    3
MP3 Front Input    Yes
XLR Balanced Outputs    Yes
Dolby Atmos    Yes
HDMI Audio    Yes
Multi Channel Input    No
Coaxial Outputs    1
Optical Outputs    1
Multiroom    Yes – Zone 2 Passive
HDMI Zone Out    No
HDMI    8 in/2 out
DTS    Yes
DTS-HD    Yes
Dolby ProLogic Surround Dolby Surround
Channels 13.1.2, 11.1.4, 9.1.6
Tuner Radio   FM/AM
Phono Input    No
Optical Digital Inputs    3
XLR Inputs    Yes – Analogue and Digital
Headphone Output    Yes
Pre Output    16-Channel (XLR)
Sub Output    3 (XLR)

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