Excellent mechanical keyboard-Leopold FC900R Review

The Leopold FC900 mechanical keyboard has an excellent construction quality. The entire frame is made of plastic and feels extremely solid without signs of bending. It is almost as robust as some metal keyboards. Double-stroke PBT keys have blue letters and feel good to touch. The keys are very stable and there is no free place anywhere. Large key stabilizers don’t play, but the spacebar sounds a little different from most keys because it produces a deeper sound when pressed. The feet are decent and the keyboard doesn’t move as you type, but if you have your feet on a slope, they can collapse if you push the board forward.Leopold FC900R

The Leopold FC900R keyboard has a limited number of additional features. There are multimedia keyboard shortcuts that can be accessed via the F6-F12 keys. Unfortunately, you can’t program any macros, but you can reassign some keys using the following DIP switches, and there are clear instructions on how to do this. The fourth DIP switch acts as a Windows key lock, which is a bit inconvenient if you need to lock/unlock it often.
The Leopold FC900R is generally acceptable. It is good for use in the office because it offers exceptional writing quality and can be obtained on the type of switch you prefer. It has good ergonomics, but some may be disappointed by the lack of rest on the wrist. It is not the best choice for games or programming because no macro can be programmed and has no backlight.Leopold FC900RThe Leopold FC900R is disappointing for gaming. It lacks backlight and no macro can be programmed. However, it is available on a variety of Cherry MX switches, and the Brown switches we test have a low pre-travel distance and are lightweight to press.
The Leopold FC900R keyboard is very good for office use. It is well built with a solid frame and double-shot PBT keys. The writing quality is great and the Cherry MX Brown switches are quiet, but these depend on which switches you get. It has good ergonomics with tilt adjustment, but does not have a palm rest.
The Leopold FC900R is high-quality for programming. Deliver exceptional typing quality with its PBT dual-shot keys and Cherry MX Brown touch switches. However, it lacks backlight and no macro can be programmed. Also, ergonomics is fine and you don’t have a wrist break.Photo:LeopoldLeopold FC900RThe Leopold FC900R is an acceptable mechanical keyboard, but is limited in features. It’s beautifully built with a solid plastic frame and double-shot PBT keys. You can get it with a variety of Cherry MX switches and the drive we tested has Cherry MX Browns. It offers exceptional writing quality and minimal writing noise, but your experience can vary depending on the switch you get. Unfortunately, it has no backlight and no macro can be set; However, you can reassign some keys by using the following DIP switches.

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