Features and details of ZoomBrowser EX – for Canon camera

With Canon’s ZoomBrowser EX, you can transfer images from your Canon camera and shoot quickly and easily on your PC without any problems.

ZoomBrowser EX includes a number of out-of-date features, such as printing digital photos, playing slide shows, changing various image attributes, and viewing the EXIF data contained in the image.

The program has been mostly replaced by more modern programs, but is still available from Canon as a free option if you have a Canon camera.

In addition to various image editing tools, users can also add personal comments and a star rating to individual images that can then be exported to a text file.

It is possible that the free version of ZoomBrowser EX does not contain all the details of the premium version available in Canon.

ZoomBrowser EX can see EXIF data and convert RAW to JPG.

Features and details of ZoomBrowser EX:
Download images directly from the camera via USB
See images and data within the application
Organize images from the Canon camera
Edit images, including brightness and contrast
Print images
Set images as a screen saver or wallpaper
Save the image shooting information as a text file
Comments, star rating, EXIF data, etc.