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FileMenu Tools is an impressive application that provides a wide range of powerful tools for managing files and folders in Windows. One of the notable features of this application is its ability to synchronize folders in various synchronization types, including unidirectional and bidirectional, and specify the file types to be synchronized. This is especially useful for users who need to keep their files up to date across different locations.

Another useful tool provided by FileMenu Tools is the Extended Delete feature, which enables users to recursively delete specific file types from a folder, using wildcards such as *.txt and *.t??.

FileMenu Tools
FileMenu Tools – photo LopeSoft

The application also includes a Find and Replace feature that allows users to find and replace a text string in all selected files, with support for regular expressions. Similarly, the Advanced Renamer feature enables users to rename all selected elements according to specified rules.

FileMenu Tools also provides tools for deleting locked files, deleting files permanently, changing icons assigned to folders, running programs with parameters typed in a dialog box, opening a command line window in the selected folder, and displaying the size of the folders.

Other useful features include copying the name, path, UNC path, and Internet path of selected elements to the clipboard, copying the content of selected elements to the clipboard, and pasting the clipboard contents into the selected elements. Users can also change the creation time, last access time, and/or last modified time of the selected elements, calculate and verify checksums of files, create symbolic links, and delete empty folders.FileMenu Tools

The application’s interface is simple, making it easy to install, use and configure. Users can perform various configurations, add folders and shortcuts, and optimize their workflows by customizing their menus. This level of customization can greatly enhance users’ overall Windows workflow.

One of the best features of FileMenu Tools is the ability to export settings. Users can export their settings to an INI or REG file, making it easier to share and use them on other computers where the app is installed. The tool runs smoothly and has a good response time, supporting two languages for the interface and providing user documentation. There have been no reported instances of crashes or freezes.FileMenu Tools

In summary, FileMenu Tools is a lightweight and user-friendly tool that allows users to optimize and customize their menus, making their workflow smoother and more efficient. It is a powerful tool appropriate for beginners and experts alike, saving users time and effort.

FileMenu Tools is a comprehensive file management tool that provides a wide range of useful features to help users manage their files and folders with ease. The application is user-friendly, and the tools are well-organized and easy to access through the context menu. If you’re looking for a powerful file management tool for Windows, FileMenu Tools is definitely worth checking out. FileMenu Tools download HERE

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