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Screenrec app makes it simple to take screenshots and record videos directly from your desktop and share them immediately via created links. One of the most crucial components for many content producers and those who use computers on a regular basis is screen recording.

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One of the better utility apps is Screenrec, which enables you to take high-resolution screenshots and videos directly from your screen. Additionally, it enables you to quickly and easily share those pictures and videos with other people.
Capturing Images Effortlessly
You must to register an account in order to use the app, at least if you want to share your captures with others. You won’t need to get an account only for taking pictures or videos and saving them on your PC.

The good news is that signing up with your Google account is simple to do. You only need to carry out a few easy steps in order to start screen-capturing. To capture a portion of your screen, simply right-click the taskbar icon, choose Image Capture, and then choose the area you wish to capture. The only thing left to do is to make the capture.
The process of recording video is equally simple. The only options you need to choose from are the screen you want to capture and the time of the capture.
When recording a video, you can choose whether to use your microphone or not.Screenrec

Personal Data Exchange
Via privately secured links, you can distribute the captures to other people. The software will create a private sharing link when you click the share icon.
You may then share the capture with anybody and anywhere you choose by pasting the link the program provided.
In order to download the file you’ve added to their computer, the receiver only needs to type the URL into their browser. It is completely secure.
For quick and simple screen captures that you may share, Screenrec is one of the simplest and safest image and video capturing programs you can acquire.

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